Well, I guess I can’t just go from lots of hard gym classes straight into lots of mileage, because my knees are protesting ever so slightly.  I always get weird about my knees because they’re noisy buggers (lots of creaking/crunching sounds when I go from squatting to standing).  I’ve seen my doctor about it a couple of times, and they just say it’s not abnormal.  I never really get any pain, but the sound is enough to make me flinch!

Recently though, after increasing miles, I’ve been getting a bit of discomfort, so to be on the safe side I’m taking another rest day (I know, 2 in a week – mental!) and I’ve booked myself in for a physio appointment next week, just to check up on a few things and to give me peace of mind (you should know I am a TOTAL hypochondriac and any weird and highly rare flesh-eating disease that has cropped up in a remote village in Japan and features for 2 minutes on the news – I have the symptoms.  I actually piss myself off, I can’t help it).

I have also booked myself in for a sports massage next Friday.  My first one.  I have heard what others might consider ‘horror stories’ about sports massages being painful, but tell me, how can an activity really be considered fun if it doesn’t involve slight bruising afterwards?  I’m psyched.  It is something I’ve been meaning to do forever, and something I’d like to get into the habit of, so ‘step one: book appointment’ is done!

In running news, I’ve registered for the Aberdeen Parkrun group and have printed out my bar code.  Because I’m a teacher, and teachers are stationary fetishists, I actually own my own laminator, so tonight, with no gym to go to, I can laminate my personalized bar code cards.  You would think less of me if I fully explained how excited that makes me.  I’m hoping to jog down there (probably a couple of miles), run the 5k at a reasonable speed, and then meander along the road to my gym where I can do a Pump class and then Power Yoga to pummel some balance into my chi-hole.

For now?  Taco time!