Feet still gross, offend people.

Yes, I am one of THOSE people.

For the benefit of kids and staff at school, I’ll opt out of the open toe sandal trend that never fails to take off in Aberdeen after the first hint of sunshine for the year (it’s best to be prepared in case any sun breaks through the clouds again this year, after all). Why, you ask? (At this point, you may be rolling your eyes thinking I didn’t ask, you maniac, I don’t care about your feet, but you know what?  My blog = my subject choice!)   So why?  Because my feet are disgusting.  But they are fairly important for actual movement, so I can’t hate on them, but other people totally can.  And I KNOW that some of you are guilty of over sharing your foot situation, because at any given time in the 20 most recent posts in my Google Reader feed, there will be a grainy photo of someone’s mangled, blister-ridden feet.  And you know what?  It is always a pleasure to witness proof that someone’s feet are grosser than mine.  So thank you.  And to return the favour:

E.T. book pedicure...

If that put you off any Easter chocolate, you’re welcome!  If it didn’t, then go ahead and make yourself feel better by finding out why chocolate is good for you.

Anyway, despite really feeling like going out for a run today, my knee is being a bitch, so I thought I’d call it a rest day.  Not content with lounging about and having facials, however, I decided to get back on track with some of my core work.

90 bad boys - done!


About a month ago I embarked on the 200 push-ups challenge in an attempt to increase my pathetic upper body strength before Tough Mudder.  The first week was good, then I forgot about it.  Today, I decided to start again, but a step up.  It wasn’t too fun, but I got it done.  Upping my weights in Body Pump for the last 6 weeks is obviously benefiting my girl strength, though, so that’s uplifting.  I also did a few one legged squats (because I like big butt’s and I cannot lie), and finished off with a (killer) 4 minute plank.

Things I learned today:

  • Push-ups are always hard.
  • Planks are even harder if you’ve slathered yourself in body lotion first.
  • Exfoliating facials hurt.

Hope everyone has had a great Easter long weekend!  🙂


Man Push-ups!

My definition of ‘man push-up’ is a push up with no knees on the ground.  The way push-ups should be.  Like a cross between planking and having sex (grunting included).  My record of man push-ups in a row was set about a year ago, before my operations, when my upper body strength was at its most ‘hardcore’ for a while.  My record was 40.

Now I haven’t really done the ‘How Many Man Push-ups Can I Do In A Row’ test for a while.  I cracked out 20 in Australia, when I had a contest with my brother and my dad.  I went first, so I stopped at 20, since I totally underestimated my competition.  My brother struggled into first with a painful looking 30, but we were both destroyed by our 61 (now 62) year old dad, who threw in an extra 5 just for show.  Sick.

Tonight, it was time for a check-up.  I was not confident, especially after a pull-up attempt at a local park involved me hanging lifelessly from a bar in front of a family with small kids staring at my total inability to lift my own bodyweight.  My boyfriend had to help me up, and I let myself down gently in a slow, controlled movement.  This will be how I build strength.  Anyway, the point is, I had I feeling I was going to suck hard.

The result?  I hit my record of 40! Admitedly the final five were pretty shady, but I’m stoked.  The colour of beetroot and able to feel my heartbeat in my eyeball, but stoked!

Next goal?  50.