Go Go Gadget Smartphone Video: Desperate Dude Seeks Paid Company on Valentine’s Day in Abedeen

So this one time, at the cinema, some guy comes up to me and my boyfriend and starts chatting away.  At first we were both thinking ‘who the hell is this guy?!’, but we eventually realized it was a guy that lives in my block of flats that I had been speaking to about getting in touch with his landlord for money the landlord owed me for roof work to the building.  Anyway, this guy normally seems pretty antisocial, so we chatted to him a bit.  He mentioned that he had reason to believe that the Ground Floor flat used to be a brothel (way low rent, obviously), but the police shut it down.  This seemed plausible, as there were foreign chicks of all descriptions that seemed to be there for short periods of time who could never give me details of their landlord and were sometimes wandering the hallway in a silk nightie (not a good look).

But it would seem someone is up to no good yet again!

Tonight, when my boyfriend came round to spend time with his gorgeous girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, he happened to arrive at the front door just as two scantily clad ladies were buzzed in.  They didn’t notice him, but he noticed that they went into ‘the ho flat’ (as we have affectionately nick-named it).  Being nosy, he eavesdropped, and gathered that the 2 women had removed their clothes and were posing for photos.  The woman that had let them in said, “That one’s going on the internet.” and they chatted about their boobs.  He also heard that someone was due at 10 o’clock, but that they weren’t sure if he would turn up.

Now, obviously when my boyfriend eventually made it upstairs (and was super late) he explained his reasons for being tardy, and the conversation ended a little something like this:

Me: So some guy is meant to be turning up in like 5 minutes?

Boyfriend: Yeah.

Me: Do you wanna go down and wait for him to arrive?

Boyfriend (smiling): Yeah.

Me: I’ll video it!

And so we did.