NVA’s Speed of Light

Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh  August 2012

I remember a good few months back, when I initially decided to up my running, I entered the ballot for the London Marathon (possibly after a drink).  I think the excitement of that overshadowed all other events from that night, which is why an e-mail I received yesterday completely took me by surprise.  Months after letting out a jaded sigh after receiving my ‘sorry you were unsuccessful’ magazine, it seems I will still be participating in something as a result of that night.

The e-mail was from NVA wishing me a Merry Christmas and New Year, and thanking me for registering for their Speed of Light event.  My initial reaction of ‘what the fuck?’ and a quickened heartbeat caused by me panicking about double booking in my quickly-becoming-full race schedule without knowing, eventually turned into one of those  moments where snippets of memory start returning.  I mostly experience these after nights of excess, and normally find myself cringing as I remember challenging complete strangers to push-up competitions on dirty pub floors, or telling people intimate details of my sex life, but this time it was kind of pleasant.

After sifting through all of my ‘running’ e-mails, I eventually found my registration receipt, and then set to reacquainting myself with what the hell I’d actually signed up to.  The Speed of Light event is “one of Scotland’s official artistic contributions to the London 2012 and Paralympic Games”, according to the website.  It involves running/walking around Arthur’s seat in specially made light suits, at night, lighting up the hillside.

I have seemingly signed up for Saturday, August 11th.  When you register you can opt for a free ticket for the same night.  Mine will obviously be offered to my boyfriend because it will be a clear indication that he must accompany me!  While not a race, it is a running event, and something a bit different, so I’m looking forward to it for the experience.  Training and information packs will be sent out soon, I believe, and participants are encouraged to attend training days in Edinburgh leading up to the event, but they aren’t compulsory (or convenient for me, unfortunately).

The only downside is that I don’t think you get a memento (participant’s medal), but I’ll let it slide because this will hopefully be more of an experience.