The Goods

It has dawned on my that I don’t actually have a photo of my medals so far, and medals is what I’m all about.  Shameful, I know, but something I intend to rectify ASAP.  Even more shameful if the way my race mementos are ‘displayed’.  For the past few years, they have accumulated slowly on a doorknob in my living room (they had to be moved from the bedroom doorknob because they were “too loud” whenever the door moved).  They remain there, largely unnoticed by all who walk past them.  Having scoured the internet, I have come up with a few very swanky solutions.

Allied Medal Displays seems to be THE place to go to get a medal display.  The beauty about them is that you can customize the text, so you don’t have to settle for anything cheesy (I’m super fussy).  I’m considering opting for simplicity and just having ‘MEDAL SLUT’ atop my swinging nuggets of achievement, as it describes me perfectly.  But then, since I have a blog called Medal Slut, I feel like I’m trying to pull a J-Lo and brand myself, which is just trashy.  My train of thought comes full circle, however, as I remind myself that I am, in fact, trashy, so there’s nothing to lose!  And really, how bad ass would you look to people entering your home for the first time who were seeing this just through the front door?:

A mark of distinction

Obviously it would be adorned with these (in a less ‘arranged-on-floor-for-tacky-medal-shot’ fashion):


Now, the only drawback is that it is an American company and I’m living over in Scotch-Land, so it would take ages to arrive (I’m impatient), and the shipping would be pretty juicy.  But as I was sent a tax rebate for 2007 (speedy workers, these taxmen), I can actually afford to splurge on one.  And I do have a night in with my laptop and my (distressed) bank card…