Terrible title, I know.

So after a week of self-inflicted rest, I started to ease myself back in to running on Monday.  I managed a 4.5 mile treadmill run before a tough spin class.  A few knee niggles, but the physio said run through minor irritation, stop if there’s sharp pain.

Tuesday I did pump, combat and power yoga.  Using my new ‘toes forward, knees-over-toes’ technique demanded of my by the physio, I managed the squat track with no pain!  I also managed combat, which is pretty high-impact, and didn’t feel awful afterwards.

Wednesday was a 2.5 mile run.  It would have been closer to 4-5 if I hadn’t idiotically locked myself out of my flat, resulting in a mad rush to pick up my spare keys from my boyfriend before the gym.  I also cracked out another 45 minute spin class.

Today?  I stopped by Run4it on my way to the gym, as the physio had also suggested I get some insoles to balance out my ‘flat feet’, as it will put less stress on my knees and also give the outer calves a bit of a rest (they were tighter than an Aberdonian at a car boot sale).  I bought some female-specific ones with extra cushioning (it all helps, I suppose) and upon enquiring about the price, managed to somehow avoid a minor cardiac event when I realized they’d set me back £41!  Entire pairs of running shoes can cost as little as FORTY-ONE FREAKING POUNDS!!!.  Still, think of the knees…

The insoles are for shoe sizes 6.5-8 (UK), and so it is expected to have to trim them down a bit.  Being lazy, I just shoved them into my shoes at the gym and ignored the ‘bunched up’ feeling my toes were experiencing, deciding to hit the treadmill and suck it up like a man.  The actual stiff part of the insoles felt weird to start with, but after about 10 minutes the felt really comfortable.

Best of all?  No knee pain during a 6 mile run! Worst of all?  That pain you get when you’re running when you know a toenail has pierced the skin on an adjoining toe, and you’ll be putting bloody socks into the washing machine later.

So – what I have learned over the last couple of weeks:

  • Bodies are really complicated
  • Rest is frustrating, but sometimes necessary
  • Knee pain can be caused by a zillion things
  • I have ‘flat’ feet
  • Foam rolling is painful
  • There is a 16 year old boy at school going about telling kids that kangaroos have 3 vaginas.  I have come to the conclusion that this is mainly accurate.

Tip: always trim insoles to avoid 'toe bunching'