First Race of the Year is tomorrow!

Which means a relatively speedy 5 mile run on Friday and Body Pump this morning were probably ill-advised, but whatever – tomorrow is a 10 mile race and an automatic PB since it’s a new distance to me!  It’s nice when there’s no pressure (unless you’re having a sports massage, in which case, what are you paying for?!).  I’m still not used to long distances so don’t really know how I’m going to pace myself or anything, I’ll just see how it goes.  I will, however, be experimenting with energy-food-stuffs.

Now, I’m familiar with sports drinks as I’ll usually neck one if I have a particularly grueling gym session, but I have never really bothered on runs.  When I was in Australia I bought some powder-form Gatorade (the BEST sports drink, in my opinion, but sadly, not widely available in the UK).  I’ve made up a bottle’s worth and it took all my willpower not to neck it, because it tastes awesome.

Better than Powerade

So I’ll have this as a nice little treat before the run, but I have also bought an assortment of probably-shit-tasting energy things that I may or may not use during the run.

Not real food

I have tried the caffeine-injected jelly beans once before, and I can confirm that although initially they tasted normal, the aftertaste did indeed taste like ass, but the gels I am new to.  Anyone have any advice regarding best (as in least terrible) flavours?  And do they make a difference with performance?

Either way, watching Starship Troopers and eating Nutella from the jar probably isn’t what I should be doing just now…