Customized shirts, latex and getting oiled up and rubbed down by an Aussie.

Well, this week hasn’t been a high-mileage one, for sure, but I’ve been hitting the gym classes hard while I give my knees a break.  Hopefully next week I can get back on track, since the half-marathon is in March!

I feel like I haven’t had much time to myself, and next week isn’t going to be much better – not like I have much time to myself anyway, after work and the gym.  I did, however, manage to do a few interesting things this week.

The first experience is a new experience – something I have meant to do for some time now, but have put off.  Not because of the reputed pain or even the cost (although £42!?), but because I have had no time.  Ladies and Gentlemen, on Friday I went for a sports massage.  It’s oddly comfortable having someone’s elbow rammed into one of your butt cheeks, and you feel totally relaxed and refreshed afterwards (and in ‘slight’ pain).  I would definitely recommend!  Also, turns out the masseur is from Albury, my mum’s hometown in Australia where I spent Christmas!  Small world.  Anyway, apparently my shoulder is ‘rock hard’ and I need to do heaps of stretches and go back next week for more pain.

In addition to the excitement of the massage, I have been spending my weekend on an

Black and transparent leopard print dress - HW design. Trashy bra - model's own.

exercise theory course in Banchory.  Which is a pain in the ass to get to at 9am on a weekend when you don’t drive.  I mean, when I signed up to the course, it stated that it would be held in Aberdeen, but clearly the folk that set it up need to hit geography lessons, STAT!  Anyway, it’s really interesting and there are some nice people on the course, but when I finish in early February I will be glad to get my weekends back.

To add to the expanding list of contributing factors as to why I am lacking sleep this weekend, I was out last night to celebrate a friend’s 30th birthday.  After my course in Banchory I managed to convince myself to go out for a run before going out to the pub, and although I was pretty grumpy running head on into some pretty cold, blustery conditions (anyone outside Scotland might call this ‘hurricane force winds’), once I’d finished I was glad I’d managed to get out for a 6 mile run.  Especially as I didn’t want to feel bloated wearing my new dress (that I got for Christmas).  It was a late night, but thankfully not an overly drunk one, so managed to get in to Banchory on time and awake.

The last little glimmer of sunshine in my sunless, Scottish world involved a delivery.  I had ordered a custom t-shirt from zazzle a week or so ago and it arrived on Saturday.  I ordered from them because they will create a custom print on a technical, wicking shirt instead of just a plain cotton t-shirt.  I’m pleased so far, and I’ll have to try to remember to wear it for my next parkrun for a laugh!  My only complaint is the only colour option is white – not my favourite.