Tough Mudder 2012 – Scotland

I have managed to gather enough people who are nuts enough create a team for Scotland’s first ever Tough Mudder.  It’ll be taking place July 14th (we opted for the Saturday challenge), and everyone seems pretty enthusiastic enough so far!  One has even started a blog highlighting his challenges in 2012.  Unfortunately, many of these friends, whilst in pretty decent shape, are not accustomed to running.  Let alone 11 miles.  At least there are, as one friend said, “breaks” in between all the running.  And by “breaks” he is referring to the numerous obstacles designed to test strength and mental grit.  Apparently.  If nothing else, this should be a good laugh.

Anyway, the challenge isn’t just a memorable day out, it’s also a way to try and raise money for Help for Heroes, and it is suggested that you try and raise as much as you can leading up to the event.  I have intentionally opted for races this year that aren’t necessarily for charity, as my friends and family have, I believe, had their wallets exhausted by my constant pleas.  I intend to enter the Race for Life soon, and raise some money, but I think I’ll be doing that for my workplace.  Because of this, Tough Mudder will be the only event I do this year that I’ll be trying to raise any money for.  If you’re feeling a need for some good karma (or if you have Elton John’s bank balance), you can feel smug by doing a good deed here. If, however, you have no interest in being generous, and have a great interest in being bad ass, you can enter Tough Mudder here.  Then you too could display your ‘enlisted badge’ with pride!

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Oh, and you actually have to sign a death waiver.