I gave my bank card a thorough fingering today.

Those of you sniggering – very mature.
So today entries opened for the Aberdeen Baker Hughes 10k in May, and the Xodus Ythan Challenge in June. No guesses as to what I was doing on my lunch break then. I got the ladies I work with excited when I declared, after my Uncle Ben’s Mexican Rice (delicious, I highly recommend), that “I must go. I have shopping to do.” When I explained what I was off to buy they were noticeable uninterested. I get that a lot.
Anyway, I managed to enter both with no hitches, though it looks like a high volume of people trying to enter the Ythan Challenge managed to crash the site temporarily. The only problem I faced once I’d entered both races was that I had 15 minutes left of my lunch break. So what did I do? Moseyed on over to the Scottish Running Guide website for a ‘wee browse’. Dangerous.
Looks like I’m doing the Half Dram (Dundee’s Half Marathon) in July.