Rest days.

Today was a rest day for a few reasons:

  • It was a parents’ evening at school, so I had to miss spin class.
  • I was really, really tired, because on top of exercise, I have a lot of work to do.  As in the type of work that pays my bills.
  • By the time I left school I literally had no sensation in my feet.

Aberdeen is not a well-known tropical resort that holiday-makers flock to.  That’s because it’s freezing – or below freezing if you were to look at today’s highs.  Last night a freezing fog descended on the city as I navigated my way to the gym:

Aberdeen fog

Aberdeen fog

I may have mentioned before that as a Texan who was brought up with heat, I do not function well in extreme cold (and yes, my idea of ‘extreme cold’ is usually what causes people to consider wearing a sweater).  Kids I teach even tweet about how my classroom is always a like a sauna.  Don’t give me weird looks, if they don’t want their teacher reading that stuff, they should change their privacy settings.  Rookie mistake, kids.

Anyway, I got the what I thought was the good seat in the hall where the parents’ meetings were taking place.  The one right next to the heater.  Unfortunately, it was also the closest seat to the doors, and a constant draft was caressing my lower body.  It was only after my last appointment that I stood up to discover I could not feel my feet.  Having played with the idea of sneaking in an hour at the gym after work, I decided it would probably be a much better idea to just go home.  Where a lot of this happened:

Energy level: ZERO

Energy level: ZERO

Having defrosted and had a power nap, I thought that I should use some rare time to myself to be productive and get some marking out of the way.  I had a few jotters with essays written about the negative effects of reality television, so I cracked open the first one to read:

‎”Reality TV is one of the many things I hate about the human race. Reality TV highlights everything that is wrong with these modern times, 95% of all reality tv stars are sluts, whores, chavs, and inbreds.”

Maybe I should tone down my opinions at work.

In running news, I have a 6 mile cross country race on Sunday, and weights on Saturday.  Would it be foolish to try and get in my long run of 14 miles before the weights?  I’d rather do that than break my long run into two short runs (the cross country race then 8 miles in the evening).  Do split runs count?

[insert witty title here]

Let me introduce you to two facts:

  1. My boyfriend has had a cold for the past week.
  2. I now have a cold.

Coincidence?  I think not.  I am, to put it simply, not amused.  Especially since I have the Glenlivet 10k on Sunday.  I am not anticipating any record breaking times for this, considering I am not an asthmatic, but I am wheezing like one whenever I exert myself (rise from the sofa to go for a piss, lift arm to push a button on the remote, scratch leg).

My boyfriend seems to know I am not amused.  I’m amazed he picked up on my subtle vibes (me shouting things like “Stop touching me you massive infection!” and repeating things like “I am really pissed off that you have given me your disease”).  Just to fill you guys in, he, being the caring boyfriend he is, laughed and faux coughed in my direction.  So how did I know he understood my mood?

Ignore sketchy search terms

That’s how.

Back in Scotland

Well, I made it back in one piece.  It’s cold.  It’s windy.  Rain features almost daily in the weekly forecast.  I start back at work on Monday.  What’s not to be psyched about?

Tomorrow is ‘launch day’ at the gym.  The new releases of Body Pump, Attack, Balance  and Combat are all launched on Saturday/Sunday.  I’m booked in for a 45 minute step class and the new Pump (which I did a couple of times in Australia).  Afterwards?  Perhaps a nice 3 mile ‘cool down’ to keep my miles up this week.  Then maybe a long run on Sunday, if I can drag myself out of bed.  It’s so dark!