Mission: Ridiculous

Last night I went to go and see Mission Impossible 3 with my uncle.  It was at 9:15pm, so I was being pretty optimistic thinking I’d power through the entirety of the film without a snooze (strategically taken during the boring ‘planning’ bits), but what the hell.  We got there with plenty of time and bought some self-serve fro-yo to keep energy high – I self-served a frozen mountain, it was delicious!  The film was pretty average: plenty of unrealistic actions sequences, unconvincing characters… Pretty much what I was expecting.  The real drama, however, came after the film.

It seems a light was left on in the car when we were watching the film.  This meant that the battery was dead.  Excellent.  I could barely keep my 17 tonne eyelids up, and now we were stranded in a car park.  After a worrying few seconds of the phone call for help not being answered, we were assured cables were on their way.

Dad and Daniel sorting the car

Sure enough, about 15 minutes later, the car was going.  Had I been alone on the way home, I would have just decided my delirious, jet-lagged brain was playing tricks on me, but as I wasn’t the only one to see it, I knew that the super bright shooting star that soared across the sky before puffing into nothing actually existed.  Awesome!