Right, screw you old route!

OK, so today is Sunday.  Ignoring the horrible fact that I return to work tomorrow, I wanted to get into the habit of these ‘long run’ days.  Sundays are convenient, so why not start today?

I wanted about 8 miles, since I was hurting from stepping/pumping/running yesterday, so I got ready, grabbed my strap-on (garmin, ha!), and strutted out the door, trying to push the forecast for rain to the back of my mind.  Armed with a lack of sleep, and therefore a sweet lack of general coherence, I set off.  I went in the opposite direction to my usual (pathetic 8.4k) route as I was hoping to add on a bit of distance, and hoped to meet up with the old route somewhere later on to allow my tired self to continue home on autopilot.  Done!  And at 8.1 miles I must say my mental distance planning skills are red hot!

New route!