Garmin Forerunner 110

As I’m getting back into running, I decided to treat myself to an ‘early Christmas present’ (there seem to have been a few of these).  Run4it have an offer on just now on their Garmin Forerunner 110, so I splashed out on one with a heart rate monitor.

I’m not normally impressed with techy stuff, but this thing rocks my socks.  I knew it had GPS, so I knew it would be able to track my overall distance.  I wanted this for the Christmas holidays as I’ll be in Australia (where the sun doth shineth!) and don’t know what gym classes/gym access I’ll have, so I planned on running quite a bit.  I obviously also knew that it had a heart rate monitor, but didn’t realize that once you uploaded data to a Garmin Connect account, it displayed a graph showing your heart rate throughout your activity.  Garmin Connect also displays a map with your run (if you run outdoors with GPS on), along with elevation, average speed and splits.

While you’re running it shows speed, distance traveled, pace, and/or heart rate, depending on the display.  I have spent so long playing around with my new toy, it’s unreal.  I even use it for my gym classes as it tells you (roughly) how many calories you’ve burnt.  Not necessary, but interesting!

The one niggle I have with the Garmin Forerunner is how you connect the USB cable to the watch; it’s a bit fiddly and doesn’t always get recognized by my laptop straight away.  Sometimes I need to jiggle it about for a while before it gets picked up.  Apart from that, money well spent.  Although I’ve been looking at the fancier versions…..