Here you will find photos of all of the medals I’ve acquired thus far in chronological order (most recent first).  I thought it would be easier to perv over the goods if they were all in one place, leaving you free from the hassle of rifling through several blog posts.


If you’re truly interested, I have attached a link to the race reports – just hover over the description of what event the medal is from.  Enjoy!


Speyside Way ultra 2014


Callanish Stones marathon 2014


Dundee marathon 2014


Giants Head marathon 2014


Strathearn marathon 2014 (handmade)


Aberdeen Baker Hughes 2014


Hoka Highland Fling 2014


Glenlivet 10k 2014


Milano City marathon 2014


D33 Ultra 2014


Inverness 1/2 marathon 2014


Texas marathon 2014


Galveston Santa Hustle half marathon 2013


Aviemore 1/2 marathon 2013


Loch Ness marathon 2013


Crathes 1/2 marathon 2013

Crathes 1/2 marathon medal

Crathes 1/2 marathon medal

BRG challenge 2013


Hare and Hounds relay

L-R: Ishbel (pink), me (&), Teri (brown).

L-R: Ishbel (pink), me (&), Teri (brown).

Perth Kilt Run 2013


Dundee 1/2 marathon 2013


Race for Life 10k


Runner’s Knees virtual 10 miler


Ythan Challenge 2012


Baker Hughes 10k 2013


Dunecht Dash 5k 2013


Balmoral 15 mile trail race


Edinburgh Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon 2013


Paris Marathon 2013


Garioch half marathon 2013


Inverness half marathon 2013


The Running Shop XC Winter Series – 6 mile race


Wildhearts Santa Run Aberdeen 2012


Houston Half Marathon relay 2012

Huntsville Half Marathon 2012

Mighty Mud Dash Houston 2012

Baxter’s Loch Ness Marathon 2012

Crathes Half Marathon 2012

Great Scottish Run 2012

BRG Coastal Challenge 2012

Half DRAM 2012 (Dundee Half Marathon)

Stonehaven half marathon 2012

Xodus Ythan Challenge 2012


EMF Edinburgh Half Marathon 2012

This thing weighs a ton!

Baker Hughes 10k 2012

Medal, obviously

Balmoral 10k 2012

Kilomathon Scotland 2012

Sainsbury’s Sport Relief 6 Mile 2012

Garioch 10k 2012

Global Energy Inverness Half Marathon 2012

Bupa Great Edinburgh 10k 2011

Aberdeen Baker Hughes 10k 2011

Aberdeen Baker Hughes 10k 2009

Wildhearts Santa Run 6k (2008, 2010, 2011)

Jogscotland 5k Run, 2008 – Hazelhead Park

Aberdeen Baker Hughes 10k 2008

Cancer Research Race for Life 5k

31 thoughts on “Medals

  1. Dear medal Slut. Quality blog and medal haul. Yes the EHF medal does look like the schlong of a stunted but well hung midget of indiscriminate origin. keep up the good work, and congrats on a sub 2hrs PB for 13 miles. May see you at half dram and loch ness….best rgds’ the man who would be king’….were he not fat old and bald…..

  2. Love your medal stash. I’m a fellow slut. I don’t know whether you already have one, but I got myself (given) a cool metal medal-hanger for my wall (I’d send you a picture, but this isn’t Facebook). Now instead of having all my medals in a shoe box I can admire them whenever I walk past. Only problem: I no longer want to do any races that *don’t* award finisher medals!

    • A totally normal reaction – I regularly find myself hunting for the sentence that says ‘All finishers receive a medal’!
      I think I know the type of medal hangers you’re talking about, I was looking at some a while back. They were a bit on the pricey side, though, so I found my piece of driftwood does the trick just fine. 🙂

  3. I love you Rachel! I thought I was alone in my medal whoring world. Thank you for sharing your story. P.S. Where is this “other” blog of you dressing slutty? I liked the leopard print costume.

  4. Hi. Just discovered your awesome blog. I am a Scot living in Canada and visited my parents last year (managed to slot in the Dundee half dram while back home) only to finish a very nice race with my medal being handed over in a plastic bag!!!!! Hoping to come back over to do the Edinburgh half in May. Did my first marathon in Columbus Ohio this year and the medal was placed around your neck by very delicious looking soldiers. Just saying Dundee. Take note. Ha ha.

    • Yep, if memory serves me well, our half Dram medals were in our plastic goody bags when we finished in July this year. A solider would be a much more welcome sight at the finish line! I did the Edinburgh half this year, and I’m thiiiiiiiiiiis close to signing up again this year, if only on the off chance they hand out even more suggestive medals! 😛

  5. Hi Medal Slut, We love your blog at Swift Medals, we have designed many of the beauties that you seek to collect! We look forward hearing your reviews on the medals and your upcoming races in 2013! Stay Slutty,

    much love,

    Chris Dolan
    Swift medals Ltd Director

  6. Hi Medal Slut, loved this entry!! I’m a real medal collector too and it’s always great to check out other people’s collections. Good inspiration for which races to do next!
    I love the Edinburgh Rock and Rock half medal what a blinger!! I love that one! Sadly couldn’t do that one this year as was already signed up for something else that weekend and had VLM the week after so might have worn myself out😉
    Can’t wait to see what you’ve collected from 2013!

    • The Rock ‘n’ Roll medal needed to be good after the less than pleasant experience it took to get one this year! Fingers crossed I’m lucky (for a change) in the VLM ballot this year – I’d love one of those! 🙂

  7. Pingback: Finisher’s Medals | How to Increase Fitness & Lose the Ability to Breathe

  8. Oh my gosh Rachel, your web site is hilarious! I was actually typing in the URL of my favorite heavy metal web site when I mistyped “” instead of “”. Just kidding, I saw a post from you on a friend’s race report from North Country Run in Michigan (which claims to have the world’s largest finisher medal). I love your medal collection by the way. I am a recovering medal whore myself, although I’ve only managed to kick the addiction by moving up to the harder, stuff. Now I am a belt buckle junkie! I’ve completed 4 different 100 mile races, and each one gives you a shiny metal belt buckle. I just did the Western States 100 in June, and I don’t think I’ve taken that buckle off since I got it. I even wore it during the North Country Run. LOL.

    • Ha ha, is one of your belt buckles Leadville by any chance? One of those would be pretty sweet, and while I plan on doing some longer races next year, I’m not sure they’ll be a gateway drug to 100 milers. But who knows – I make some pretty unwise decisions sometimes (frequently), so maybe in a couple of years I’ll create a belt that buckles in 10 places (and get really fat again) just so I can show off some finishers’ booty!

  9. I wish! Leadville is definitely on my list for next year. Their buckle is almost twice as big as everyone else’s buckle. So far I just have Western States, Tahoe Rim Trail, Black Hills 100, and the Bear 100. Not sure what is next for me… maybe Pinhoti 100 in Alabama in Nov. But yeah, I gotta get that Leadville one next year. So cool.

  10. Hi Medal Slut! We’ve been a fan of your blog for a long time now, it’s always great to read what you have to say about your well earned medals! Did you know the majority of your medals have either been specially designed and created by our Bespoke Medals department or are some of our stock medals here at Running Imp? It’s great to see you showing them all off knowing that we’ve designed most of them and you have taken the time to write about each of your well earned medals. Keep up the good work!

  11. Love your blog. Like myself, I live collecting the shiny bits of metal and have managed 10 so far in 2013. Nice to see we both ran in thd same race, Loch Ness Marathon 2012! Keep up the good work. Cheers JT

  12. Hi Medal Slut! Awesome page – i too LOVE medals so a blog dedicated to them and lots of close up pics is great!! I too did the Loch Ness Marathon in 2012, and will be doing the Edinburgh RnR Half in 2014 too. That Edinburgh medal is gorgeous!! I couldn’t make that race this year as it was too close to VLM but i saw they were doing a half in Dublin with a similar themed medal so too a city break and did that one instead later in the year. My own favourite medal is probably the Loch Ness 2012 medal.
    Hmm out of your stash i have to say i like the Inverness Half medals, the Aberdeen Baker Hughes 10k and the Garioch 10k. I also think the Stonehaven half medal is rather nice, it may be a smaller one but it reminds me of a local half here in St Albans which back in the 90’s had some pretty little Roman-themed medals (my dad ran 4 times, so I have seen them dating between 1992-1996), not big or blingy but just right.
    American races always do such fantastic medals!!

  13. I too am a Mutley – and will do mostly anything (within the bounds of decency and legality) for a medal or t-shirt. I found your blog via Fetch. Anyway, nice medal stash and entertaining Blogging. Salut!

    • Why thank you! Congrats on Rome – that’s definitely on the to-do list. I think after Milan, any Italian marathon will be exciting! 😛 Pisa in December, if you’re eyeing up your next challenge?

      • Rome is great – a great first marathon for me, having visited the city many times as bar-bound, trattoria-hound tourist. I’ve looked at Pisa – trouble is I teach and the flights do not link up to allow me to get back to school. I do keep an eye on flights and races, so sometime in the future when I can get a flight out on Friday night (or Saturday), and late back on a Sunday – economy – I’ll be up for that one.

      • I teach too, which is why Pisa was a viable option – I leave right when school breaks up for Christmas holidays and fly home Christmas Eve. 🙂

  14. Nice one. We don’t finish until 23rd. I’m looking forward to September Weekend though – heading to Paris to run La Grande Classique (Paris – Versailles) and our October week will allow me plenty of time to recover from the York Marathon – so can’t really complain about term dates being out of sync with pastimes. (Well… certainly not in front of my BH or anyone else who doesn’t work in Education!)

    • Ha ha, no, whining about not being able to take days off as-and-when seems a little insensitive right now, especially considering the weather we’ve been having! 23rd is cutting it a bit fine though if you rely on last minute shopping! 😛

      • Let me know if ever you do and I can help with logistics / arranging accom etc. The info to date is all in Swedish, but I’d be happy to help with that. It is a lovely route🙂

  15. Love the site – I’ve just been browsing JUST to chose which run to do next on the basis of the medal!

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