Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta…

Let’s go ahead and address the elephant in the room, shall we?  I’m still not running.  Yes, I am annoyed about this, but after collecting all the toys I had hurled aggressively out of the pram, I have gained a little perspective.  A little.

No, I can’t run, but I should be able to at some point in the future.  I had an x-ray on my knee which came back as “satisfactory”, which I take is doctor speak for “don’t waste my time.”  I’ll admit to being more than mildly relieved, as during the wait for my x-ray results I had consulted Dr. Google and self-diagnosed myself with arthritis and a brain tumour.  I was told, however, that an x-ray would be unlikely to pick up smaller issues, which is why I have an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon next week.  Hopefully he will refer me for an MRI, which WILL pick up anything that might be wrong.

Meanwhile, I have tried out a new physio (I think this is number 4).  For the first time in my life I agreed to have acupuncture, because at this point I’d throw money at a voodoo witch doctor if there was a chance it would help my knee heal faster.  For someone terrified of needles (last time I had to have blood drawn, I was physically restrained in the chair), it wasn’t too bad.  The needles are tiny, and apart from one trigger point that sent spasms down my leg and made my foot numb for a few minutes, it was pretty painless.  Next time (next Thursday) she wants to do the same thing, but attach electrodes to the needles.

I’ve been given a ton of stretches to focus on, told to apply heat liberally, and keep up with the massage/foam rolling.  Roger that.

I’ve also been keeping up with cross-training, which means aerobics classes, core fitness classes, and spin classes, with a side of weights.  When I do get back to running I’m hoping that at least my cardio fitness will still exist, because every spin class I do, no joke, I would suck a wet fart out of someone’s asshole if it meant I could get oxygen to my legs any quicker.  Nearing puke-point is pretty much a guarantee.

The other thing I’ve been getting a little serious about is swimming.  I even went along to a triathlete swim session last week, and was told I would be bumped into the fast lane the next week.  Well, ‘next week’ was tonight, and after the session I was told to come to the later session next time, which is the ‘fast people’ session.  Excuse me while I strut triumphantly to my locker.

I knew being on a swim team when I was a kid would pay off some day!

I’ve even signed up for a 5k open water swim, and then, because why not, I signed up for the Henley Bridge to Bridge 14k swim in August.  If I can’t run ultras, I’ll swim them.

Still, I miss that runner’s high.

16 thoughts on “Damn, it feels good to be a gangsta…

  1. Wow it’s taken a long time to get round to an MRI. Great news about being part of the elite swimming team though. I just started swimming in training for a first tri in June (currently up to our arse in snow in Canada) and I suck. I’m hoping this gets better with practice – murder on the hair as well I hasten to add. Hope all goes well on the scan. Remember to smile! Miss your blog.

  2. Lordy you are going to be SO fit once you come back to running! I envy you all the cross training, swimming etc but I really hope the needle lady helps…. Bleugh, hate needles. You know what’s crap for needles? Pregnancy. Yes I’m an idiot but thankfully two kids down and I’m out 😉

    Chin up, you’ll get there 😀

    • Thanks. I am glad I don’t want kids! The whole pushing a baby out of a tiny hole thing is a bit more off putting than needles for me, believe it or not. 🙂

  3. good luck with getting your MRI scan the wait for those is a pain in the a**e. but at least once you have that done you can get down to the nitty gritty of finding out what is actually wrong with you. i dont envy you having the acupuncture either. i had it a while back for what the doctor thought was a muscle problem in my back, each and every needle caused me to spasm. i looked like a 1980s body-popper on the doc’s table

    • Had my appt with the hospital today and finally referred for an MRI. I’ll get results in about 8 weeks. EIGHT WEEKS!? Apparently it’s one of two things: one is “easily fixable”, the other would mean “no more endurance running”. So that was an unpleasant part of my day.

      More acupuncture tomorrow. I’ll keep the image of you spasming out in my mind to get me through it.

      • “the other would mean “no more endurance running””

        pay no attention, doctors, surgeons et al are the world’s most pessimistic people, i think they have to be in case they give you an optimistic outlook and it goes wrong and you sue their ass!!! 2 and a half years ago my back surgeon told me that i’d never run again. I’m signed up to do a 40 mile ultra in 2 months. slowly slowly catchy monkey is a good thing and not just for catching monkeys.

      • I hope you’re right. In fairness, the guy did say the MRI was to rule out anything bad as my description doesn’t fit with a ligament tear, but I will live in fear for the next two months. Thanks for the encouragement. 🙂

  4. It breaks my heart to see that you’re still struggling to make that comeback. That MRI will hopefully unearth the true culprit, so I hope that happens soon. Glad to see you’re at least getting your endorphin rush through other means — and once that knee is finally back to normal, you’ll have supplemented your fitness in remarkable ways, hopefully staving off another injury.

    All roads point to Berlin, even the road to recovery.

    • I’ll remain calm with this injury thing until about 16 weeks before Berlin. I have already written off January-April for running, though have entered a couple of bike events to hopefully build up to. I am still (mildly) hopeful the IRONMAN in July can happen, even if I have to power-walk the marathon. Hopefully this cross training, like you say, will have turned me into an unstoppable machine!

  5. I’m hoping with at least one of your physios you are doing a lot of hip stability exercises and technique drills as this is the main thing that will change itb syndrome. You can keep releasing it but you need to figure out what made it tight in the first place (normally weakness elsewhere/or your running style). I’ve had itbs and I treat people every day with it, it shouldn’t take too long to settle unless there’s something else going on. I hope your MRI results come quickly!

    • Thanks – I’ve been doing a lot of strengthening stuff for my glutes/hips, like: clams, single leg squats, lunges, weird crab walk shuffle from side to side/back to front (I don’t really know the names of half the things I do, but I’m doing them)… I’m also trying to release with foam rolling and stretching and massage. I think I’m starting to notice an improvement, but I’m taking it really, really slowly as I don’t want to set myself back to where I started off. 🙂

  6. It must be frustrating to not know exactly what is wrong and what the recovery time is like. I just had seven months off and am getting back in to running now. I didn’t punch a single person in the face that entire time.
    You will be back in to it before you know it! By that I mean after suffering for months watching other people run, trying to convince people to aqua jog, and crying, then to have people say ‘Wow that time really flew didn’t it?’. NO IT DID NOT!

    • You deserve some kind of international peace award for not punching someone – for real. Thank you for the chuckle, though. Time is definitely not flying. I’m glad someone else can appreciate how shitty that feels*! 🙂

      *In the nicest possible way.

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