If you’re expecting to read about a dramatic comeback with tales of my recent running adventures, prepare to be disappointed. But not as disappointed as I am.

My right knee shows few signs of progress despite my previous belief that throwing all of my money at professionals would solve all of my problems. Although it is still believed to be ITB syndrome, it’s taking its sweet time to get any better. So what have I been doing?

Swimming. Basically a whole lot of swimming. I have (so far) had to pull out of Loch Ness and Amsterdam marathon, as well as the Glen Ogle ultramarathon, and I can say with some conviction I will not be running in Pisa in a month’s time. In a lackluster attempt to make swimming less boring/give myself something to aim for, I signed up for the Aspire Channel Swim (I know, shameless, right?), with a goal of ‘swimming the channel’ – covering 22 miles in a swimming pool – by the end of November. Yes, you get a medal for completing the challenge, and yes that is 80% responsible for getting me to sign up. Having started late, I’m at 34 miles and counting. Fun fact: swimming lengths in a 20 meter pool is B-O-R-I-N-G.

I did manage to swim my first 5k this week, though, in 1:44:00, which ain’t too shabby, I guess, since I was just chugging along after work. If my knee ever sorts itself out and I can compete in the Ironman next July, my training for the 3.8k swim is well ahead of schedule.

What’s not ahead of schedule? Everything else in my life. Running has involved a pain-free 5k, an OK 2.5 mile jog in the rain, and then a 3.5 mile run with Ian that ended in my knee feeling like it was going to snap in two. This was over the course of 2 entire weeks, so clearly, no giant leaps and bounds. By setting off my knee again, cycling has taken a bit of a back seat as well, so spin class happens 1-2 times a week. Other than that, it’s rest, stretching, foam rolling, and physio exercises. The fact that I don’t drive and currently walk 3-5 miles a day probably isn’t providing adequate rest either, but what can you do? I am also still not into my flat, as it turns out things take a lot longer than I had anticipated.  Want to know how I feel about this?  Google ‘McKayla Maroney face’.  That pretty much sums it up.

I suppose the one running-related piece of information I am happy about (provided I can actually ever run again) is the fact that after half-heartedly entering the ballot for Berlin next year, I actually got in! Me! The person who has entered the London ballot a gajillion times and opened the door to a patronizing magazine 6 times (and counting)! So here’s hoping this knee bullshit is over by then, and my hair no longer stinks of chlorine every day.

And the one non-running-related piece of information that has brightened my week?  I became an Aunt!

12 thoughts on “Update

  1. It DOES get better. Keep doing what your doing. Also consider making your butt stronger. I read an article (last month maybe) that said a lot of leg problems can be attributed to WBS (weak butt syndrom*).

    *not a real syndrom, but this is what they called it

    • Cap is already purchased (and used), and while it is helpful for preventing TOTAL saturation of my hair with chlorinated pool water, it doesn’t keep it all out. I usually wet my hair in the shower before the cap goes on, but pre-conditioner? Please explain more….

      • If you put conditioner through it pre cap it does not allow chlorine water to saturate into the hair shaft (he he, shaft) so prevents the bad condition and smell. Also means that after a few days u probs won’t need conditioner with your post swim shower anymore!

  2. That really sucks about your knee, it will get better one day I’m sure! You’re not a real runner until you have a swimming medal I reckon. I am aiming to swim 5km by Feb next year, hoping I can run by then too!

  3. Every runner sympathises with you MS and wishes you all the best. I’d expound that ‘patience is a virtue’ but I suspect I’d get a virtual right hook. Your aerobic capacity will be great once you get running again – when, not if. Best wishes.

  4. I also got into Berlin AND have ITBS! We’re living the same life but thousands of miles apart. Let’s both get better to kill it in September.

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