“So what’re my chances at Pisa?”

Is basically what I wanted to know when I was told I was suffering from ITB syndrome, and would require a further 2-3 weeks off running (and cycling), lots of foam rolling, and a shit ton of stretching.  I got the response I was not wanting: the slow head nod, but non-committal “Let’s see how you get on in the next few weeks.”

My right quad is basically a knot right now, and despite previously being told otherwise, my ITB is extremely tight, which is the likely cause of my debilitating knee pain after about 2 miles of running jogging.  I will continue aggressively massaging/foam rolling for the next week and a half, and I will avoid running and (probably) cycling during that time as well to try and give everything a chance to calm down, but to stop myself from mutilating children being on edge, I have been swimming.  A lot.  Which is good, I suppose, for Ironman training, since I’ll be required to swim just shy of 4km (3.86 if you’re desperate to know).  Thankfully, after years of competitive swimming as a kid, my tumble turns and strokes don’t embarrass me.

My week of swimming has looked like this:

  • Sunday: 3km
  • Monday: 2km
  • Tuesday: 2.5km
  • Wednesday: 2.5km
  • Thursday: 3km

I have already become a pool snob who complains about people doing breaststroke in the fast line.  Move aside, bitches.  I even bought a cap, because it became apparent that chlorine + my hair = bad.  Although it doesn’t quite give me the same post-workout glow as anything at the gym or a run, it’s just enough to make me feel like I’ve done some exercise.

And for any of you desperate to see/know how the flat renovation is going, I will give a one-word answer that pretty much describes the pace at which everything is progressing.  “Glacial.”

Here is my kitchen.  I was supposed to have a washing machine installed today.  It arrived, but during the de-boxing phase it became apparent that the door was broken, so it was taken away.  I remain washing-machine-less.

20141021_124516Living the dream, guys.*


*Yes, I’m still grumpy.

11 thoughts on ““So what’re my chances at Pisa?”

  1. I can relate to this in so many ways! My kitchen is nearly finished, just the tiling to do; the kitchen wall came down three years ago – the hole was filled last week. If I say ‘be patient’, you might send me a virtual punch, so ‘be strong’ will have to do.

    • I wish I could describe to you the bizarre ‘stroke’ I witnessed this morning in the same lane as I was swimming in. I will attempt to illustrate it with a diagram below. Think of the commas as feet:

      Who the fuck does that??! THAT IS NOT BREASTSTROKE!

  2. Have you tried the Pro-Tec IT Band wrap thingy? Best $20 I ever spent. I ran through my 3 weeks of treatment with it. In the meantime keep smacking people at the pool 🙂

  3. Thrash the heck out of that water! I’ve been swimming today and get annoyed at people who show no manners. Hope you see some improvement soon, both with the kitchen and the ITB. xxx

  4. You have my utmost sympathy. I had an ITB issue from October 2012 that was still giving me jip in March 2013. As a result I bloody hate the sight of the foam roller now!

    Hang in there, I wish you a speedy recovery x

  5. I also have terrible IT issues that flare up. I foam roll lots, added yoga to my work out routine (1-2 times a week and do some of those same targeted stretches after most runs), and wear a sort-of knee strap when I do long runs. It is the same knee strap one would wear below their knee cap for runner’s knee, but I put it just above my knee….really tight….and it seems to help. But dang, I would do just about anything for an easier solution. I walked a half in January because I was so frustrated that I had paid $ and the body was not cooperating…..if i had a $1 for every time someone told me to run. I wish I had a sign that said I was intentially walking.

  6. What’s going on? It’s nearly a month now! We, your readers, need to know!!! Unless your lack of running has sent you completely doolally and you’re currently residing in a padded cell in which case apologies.

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