12 thoughts on “My finger slipped…

  1. Um…WHAT? How much is 140.6 miles in meters because that’s how many crazy points you get. But really, I’M SO EXCITED FOR YOU and look forward to what will surely be a very colorful swim suit (wet suit?) thing.

  2. hahaha, weird, how did that happen? Isn’t that just the DARNDEST THING?

    I’ll never say “never” but an Ironman is something that definitely lurks in the distant lands of “possibly never.” I look forward to hearing how this goes. GODSPEED!

    • It lurked in my ‘I’d love to, but don’t think I can’ section on my to-do list, but then so did running a marathon, and all it took was getting drunk and signing up for one to spur me into action.

      Anyway, I was kind of expecting one last ‘Are you sure?’ button to click through before my registration was finalized.

  3. Nice! The toughest part of this Ironman thang may be re-designing your sled so it can transition quickly from the swim (gotta be buoyant) to the bike (needs a wheeled chassis) to the run (maybe you can keep those wheels on?). You ARE planning to pull the sled behind you for all 140.6 miles, I assume? Otherwise where’s the challenge?

    Look forward to following along on your journey toward Ironman-itude!

    • Sadly I sold the sled in the depths of winter to a family with young kids, figuring they would get more use out of it than my living room floor would. Alas, I didn’t know I’d be signing up to an Ironman then. Still, something tells me they won’t be as lax in Bolton with accessories as they were at Loch Ness.

      I’ll try and cook up something, but it might, for some reason, be a case of ‘just-finish-it’. 🙂

  4. If you wanted someone to shout “Rachel Williams, you are an Ironman!” I would’ve just done that for you at the Bennachie finish line, no need to go broke and dedicate 28 weeks of your life to swim-bike-running 😉 Some of us enter Try a Tris for our first triathlon, you enter an Ironman.

    Related: You know Erin that comments on my blog? She’s an Ironman (Canada) and is doing Ironman Wisconsin in September. She writes Sweet Sweat, a fantastic blog all about her training and events. You should check it out.

    Pat is going to eventually do an Ironman as well; I told him it had to be in continental Europe though, so we could pair it with a holiday! 😉

    • Huh, so you’re totally not forgetting the Bennachie hill race, are you? 😛 You COULD have done that for my, but I WOULD have looked like a bit of a special case, surely. Plus, I wouldn’t get the coveted Ironman medal, made of iron, presumably. And diamonds. Presumably not. 🙂

      I’ll check out the blog, but it turns out my new neighbours include a physio and an Ironman Bolton finisher! Too bad I’m moving in less than a month, huh?

      And yes, I would have liked to turn it into a mini European holiday (where I am likely a cripple), but Bolton fit in so, so well with school holidays and my other summer 2015 plans, so it just wasn’t meant to be. I hear Austria is lovely though. 🙂

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