The Human Body: eternal source of frustration

The Human Body can do a bunch of pretty incredible things.  Like creating stomach acid  strong enough to dissolve metal (which might account for new stomach lining being produced every few days).  Or the fact that every month we are covered with a new outer layer of skin.  Or heal.

But the human body, at the moment, is a source of major frustration for me, because, at the moment, it seems to be doing nothing but malfunctioning.

Last Thursday was my rest day, which was just as well, as it was a parents’ night.  After all my appointments, I met Ian, and we made our way to his mother’s place as his sister and niece were visiting.  We stayed there for a few hours playing with his niece (puzzles, made up games, chasing her around – usual 4 year old shenanigans), before gathering our stuff and making our way to the front door.  As I was leaving, by doing nothing more adventurous than walking in a straight line, I felt an excruciating pain in my left ankle, and nearly fell over, as placing any weight on it sent waves of pain up my leg.

Thinking it was just some freak twinge, I waited a couple of moments before trying to walk on it.  Mistake.  More of the same pain.  Ian’s mum drove me home, and I hobbled upstairs and put it on ice, while Ian went off to meet some friends for a couple of hours.

As time went on, my leg started throbbing.  There was no swelling, no bruising – nothing that would make anyone think that there was anything at all wrong with my ankle/foot/leg, but it hurt, a lot, and I still couldn’t put weight on it.

Less than two weeks before an International marathon you’ve been looking forward to for months is not ideal timing for freak body issues.

I chatted with Ronnie online, and he suggested a trip to A&E, which I thought was a bit extreme, since I had no bones sticking out of my leg, and no obvious signs of trauma.  I have only been to A&E twice in my life, and both I considered worthy of the trip, though not life-threatening:

  1. Toothpick embedded in my eyeball.  It happened to be the eye I am not blind in.  I may have been in hysterics.
  2. Piece of metal jammed under my fingernail.  Finger had to be anaesthetized, and I watched in horror as the nurse detached the nail from my finger until she could shimmy the metal out.  Of course, I thought it was no big deal afterwards, as I couldn’t feel anything, so declined the painkillers offered as I left.  That was a decision I came to regret, as I lay in bed, sweating, and clutching my throbbing hand  that night.

As time went on, and I realized A&E would be pretty quiet because it was a Thursday night and payday had not happened yet (A&E get a bunch of drunken mishaps), AND my foot situation continued to deteriorate, I messaged Ronnie back and told him if he really had nothing better to do, we could swing by in case it wasn’t busy.

Two hours later, and Ronnie is helping me back to his car on these bad boys with no explanation as to why I couldn’t walk:



Fast forward a few days and things are improving.  I can now put weight on the left foot, and my walking style has gone from ‘hop’ to ‘gangsta’.  I’m too scared to even attempt a short run, so I think this week will be about being super cautious and hoping for the best come Milan.  I have already dropped a textbook AND a bottle of water on my other foot since hatching my master plan of ‘Be Careful’, so it’s going well.

If anyone has any idea what the hell I might’ve done to myself, I’m all ears.  I’m pretty much willing to try anything but homeopathy right now.

14 thoughts on “The Human Body: eternal source of frustration

    • I’ve heard a few people say this. It doesn’t really hurt too badly apart from if my ankle bends in a really specific way. I’m doing that dumb thing where I am google-diagnosing my symptoms. So I basically have a tumour…

      • hahaha every google-diagnosis end up in a tumor…hahahahah
        probably is a trapped nerve or an ankle problem that has been deteriorate by time

    • No, because there was no obvious traume/I wasn’t doing something obvious, they told me I had to go to my GP and have him refer me for an x-ray. I felt like a dumbass, because the nurse was hinting so hard for me to make something up so she could say ‘Well, let’s get that x-rayed!’, but I was not catching on at the time. Sometimes I think I’m not very smart.

      Physio tomorrow – hopefully I can get some answers/advice/the go-ahead to run with reckless abandon… We’ll see. I can sort of walk normally today, but I’m not chancing a spin class. Or leaving my apartment unless necessary. Because it still feels ‘not right’…

  1. Sad face! This is the stuff that can terrify many a runner – the seemingly random, almost CRUEL injury that rears its ugly head to torment us simply because it can. Hope this gets sorted out and soon.

    • Thanks – me too! At this point, mostly for the sake of anybody that needs to be around me, because I am turning into a grumpy, snappy monster.*

      *Not really. Mostly for me. But partly for others.

  2. I’m not sure how I managed to scroll past “Toothpick embedded in my eyeball” and reach the bottom of the page to leave this comment. Seriously? I’m now haunted by the image of a deflated eyeball sitting in a puddle of, well, eyeball juice with a toothpick jutting out of it. That had to be a well-below-average feeling, though admittedly most hardcore runners would gladly substitute a leaky eyeball for your current malady.

    You didn’t mention whether the pain is localized to the soft or hard tissue… hopefully you can distinguish between the two to determine whether stress fracture is a possibility. I’m guessing your ankle simply locked up charley horse-style while you were sitting (it happens!), leaving you to work out the resulting stiffness over the next several days. And I’d bet the pain subsides completely before your marathon, leaving you with no idea what really happened or whether it will ever happen again. Good times!

    Hope this quickly gets filed into “things we can look back on and laugh at”. In the meantime, if misery does indeed love company, Der Scott offers some great company:

    • Thankfully there was no eyeball deflation or… eye juice. Just that horrible knowledge that the slightest eye movement would bring vomit-inducing sensations. Try keeping your hand still. No big deal. Try not moving your eyeball at all. Sucks big time. It was a less than stellar night, I’m sure you can imagine.

      There is localized pain on the bone above my ankle, though I have been aggressively (S&M style) massaging the tissue/nodules there, and it feels like my usual shin-splinty ouch-fest. Good news? It felt similar to my other ankle yesterday. Bad news? Feather-light touches today bring agony. But that’s pretty normal for me after an enthusiastic kneading, so hoping nothing too horrific. There has been steady improvement, so I am really hoping that it’s one of those weird ‘huh, I wonder what that weird injury was’ kind of things.

      Anyway, thanks for the well wishes, and THANK YOU for that link. It gave me a chuckle, but I feel like I’ve met my dumb-injury-soulmate.

  3. Mystery pains are the WORST! I’ve had a similar mystery-itis in my left ankle. Felt like suddenly someone had jabbed an ice pick into the joint. A few days later, and back to normal. My guess is that you have some sort of soft tissue impingement, and that it will hopefully go away on it’s own. I wouldn’t take it seriously unless it continues to hurt like hell for at least two weeks.

    Then again, I wouldn’t take any advice from me about injuries. 🙂

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