Calf Update

Because I know you’re all obsessively hitting refresh in case there’s any news on my calf (I know you’re not) – I can confirm that there is less pain when I stretch/touch my leg, but there is still definitely pain.  I tried a spin class tonight and had to bail after ten minutes, which even I found offensive.

I have done that stupid thing where you google and automatically assume the worst case scenario is what you’re going through, so this morning I either had a Grade 1,000,000,000 calf tear or DVT that would kill me in my sleep.  The fact that there is no bruising, and I can walk as though I am not in fact a cripple, tells me the first is unlikely (though I may have a minor calf strain), and the second is also unlikely, because I don’t think DVT usually comes on at the tail end of a 15 mile run.  Clearly though, I’m no doctor.

So: it’s back to rest, compression, and I might even succumb to ibuprofen, because I haven’t exercised in 2 days now, and that is problematic for me because I’m fairly sure I replaced my addiction to smoking (over 6 years and not a single cigarette -Woo!) with one for the gym.  I know, I know, all addiction is bad addiction, but I know which one I think is lesser of two evils.  Right?

I also read online that if it is indeed a calf strain I have, the things I should DEFINITELY AVOID in the first 72 hours are heat, massage, and stretching.  Which is fabulous, because as I assumed it was just a tight muscle, I had a steaming hot shower, stretched, and massaged the shit out of it.

Or, indeed, a man.

Or, indeed, a man.

Attempt number 2 at the gym tomorrow; Tuesday is weights day, so at least there’ll be no aggressive calf action necessary.  Wednesday I’ll try spin again, and I have a sports massage at night, so hopefully this will be something I can look back on and chortle at this weekend, during the 24 miles I have planned…

In more enthusiastic news, I bought tickets to Milan last night.  It’ll be the first International holiday Ian and I, in our 6+ years together, will take, which is exciting.  It’s also my first step in convincing him we should live around the world in various fabulous places, but baby steps.


9 thoughts on “Calf Update

  1. There is nothing better than living in a different country: it’s a tough experience, you do deal with differences in culture, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world, even a first class ticket back to Canada. The only reason I want to get UK citizenship is so that I’ll then be an EU citizen, and can live anywhere within the EU. Ian doesn’t know what he’s missing!

  2. Based on several recent examples around me, I’ve concluded that the best way to ensure injury is to sign up for an ultra. Very sorry to hear your leg is being so recalf-citrant (and I’m even more sorry for that awful pun)… about the only thing I know about strained muscles is that stretching tends only to aggravate the injury. And now I’ll stop with the injury humor and reiterating untimely information you already know.

    Isn’t the interwebz great for medical diagnosis? Last year I was pretty sure I’d traced a minor and transient case of posterior tibial tendinosis to either Compartment syndrome or an inoperable brain tumor.

    I hope the calf heals up promptly and feels strong for Aberdeen… injuries are crazy frustrating, but a DNS because of injuries is adding insult to injury. So here’s to a speedy recovery! Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go refresh the page in case your calf’s already healed…

  3. I hope your calf feels better ASAP – injuries are the absolute worst ever.

    On a totally unrelated note… I will be in Dublin / the surrounding area and London in August. I totally creeped to figure out how far Aberdeen was. In fact you will still be 8 hours away. BUT you can think about the fact that I will be ONLY 8 hours away. How crazy is that. Love blog land collections.

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