Stinking Rich Husband on Death Bed: position available

One of the consequences of scrolling through running blogs in your feeder in January is being made aware of a slew of fantastic sounding races that have made it onto 2014 race calendars.  Sadly, my races for the year are nearly all mapped out (I’m opting for more quality, less quantity this year because, well, money), so I don’t really have the option of getting overly excited filling up my schedule with exotic locations.  Instead, I get to create a ‘to-do’ list of races that I would love to one day participate in sometime in the future (or when I win the lottery, though I hear you have to buy a ticket for that, so I’m not holding my breath).

Take a (virtual) trip around the world with me as I investigate some of the races I would to see in my future!  And leave me any suggestions!

E.T. Full Moon Midnight marathon (Rachel, Nevada)

This race takes place in Rachel, Nevada.  My name is Rachel.  Not that I even need to explain any further why I am interested in this one, but it is also takes place at night, and I would imagine fancy dress is encouraged.  Because aliens.

I need a photo standing next to this sign.

I need a photo standing next to this sign.

Caracas marathon (Caracas, Venezuela)

I figure, having ticked Houston off the list, I should try and run a marathon in every city I’ve lived in.  Why not start here?  Besides, I love the idea of carb loading on arepas and queso de mano.  I’m drooling.  It could also turn into a nice extended holiday.  To Aruba.

Jakarta marathon (Jakarta, Indonesia)

Continuing the ‘cities I’ve lived in’ tour, Jakarta would be my next stop.  I would be equally excited about the food options available for pre- and post-race nutrition.  Many of my childhood favourites (chicken satay, sambal olek, nasi goring, beef rending… Oh. My. God. Yes.) would feature prominently, and I would top it all off with a trip to Sambolo beach to relax and watch anak Krakatoa simmer in the distance at night.

Puncak.  Late 80's/early 90's.

Puncak. Late 80’s/early 90’s.

Giulietta e Romeo ½ marathon (Verona, Italy)

I’m a high school English teacher, so this totally appeals.  I’m also Italian, and Verona is like a 2 hour drive from my Great Aunt’s house, so I could make it a family affair.  I had this in mind for my 30th next month, but the timing for flights was super awkward, so I’ll have to wait until flights are more regular from Scotland.  Or until I can afford the better flights.  Or a private jet.  Whatever comes first.

I have even illustrated the whole play for my senior class.  I love Romeo and Juliet.

I have even illustrated the whole play for my senior class. I love Romeo and Juliet.

London marathon (London, England)

One of the most famous marathons in the world, London would be great to run for fun, and for the experience.  I’m not really willing to get an entry via a charity place, because you need to commit to raising, like, 4.8billion pounds, and I pretty much maxed out friends (and strangers – thank you again!) generosity with the whole sled-pulling trick in September.  However, I’ve entered the ballot 5 times and lost out, so we’ll see.  I’d also be ticking off a ‘cities  I’ve lived in’ marathon, so there’s that.

Great Wall marathon (Great Wall, China)

Because who WOULDN’T want to run this?  And I’m using the term loosely – it would be a challenge with all the steps.  But steeped in history, and with beautiful views, who cares how long it takes to finish?

Williams Route 66 marathon (Tulsa, Oklahoma)

This is where I hit a brick wall with trying to run a marathon in every city I’ve lived in.  Ponca City, Oklahoma – population 24,974 – does not have a marathon*.  I have decided to get around this by picking another race in the same state (totally legit), and have chosen, easily, the Route 66 marathon in Tulsa.  The medal is meant to be fantastic, which is a bonus, and I’ve only ever read good reviews, so in all honesty, I need no elaborate reason to want to run this.

Berlin marathon (Berlin, Germany)

Another marathon with a ballot entry, which means my biggest challenge for ticking this off the list is getting a spot in the first place.  A couple I know both entered the ballot for this year.  He got in.  She did not.  For the sake of their marriage, he turned down his place.

Any marathon in Australia.

Australia is a weird place.  Summer and winter are backwards, and the majority of the island is a barren death-trap.  But I’m already starting to save for an Australian trip in summer 2015 with my friend Grant.  We’ll check out Melbourne/Sydney and catch up with old friends for a few days, then I’ll journey solo to visit my grandmother.  If I can time the trip to include a marathon that is within reasonable train distance, I’m in.  There’s also a fantastic cycle trip from where she lives, to the top of Mount Beauty, then back.  A challenge I am keen to complete after visiting a couple of years ago and seeing the huge number of cyclists puffing to the top.  Also, my old sports massage therapist lives in the same town my gran does, so I’d be looked after.  Small world.

New Year, 2012, Australia

New Year, 2012, Australia


*Currently, Aberdeen does not have a marathon either.  But I have run several 5 and 10ks here, and – if all goes well – will be running my first ultramarathon here in about 8 weeks.

26 thoughts on “Stinking Rich Husband on Death Bed: position available

    • All signed up, and training going reasonably well (despite my first DNS of the year today thanks to a janky calf after yesterday’s run). Still, better to skip a ‘recovery run’ and get back into it with all engines firing than risk a minor injury blowing up.

    • Ha! I’m flattered by your believe in my ability to ‘shave’ over 40 minutes off my maarathon PB with my half-assed approach to running. I would love to run Boston, but my goals aren’t quite as lofty as qualifying – at least in the near future. What’s the ‘good-for-age’ time for someone in their 80’s? I might have a crack then. 😛

  1. Although I don’t see a marathon in my future, Berlin would be my hypothetical one. It’s easily my new favourite city and I would carb load with delicious pizza at I Due Forne then eat a delicious blue-cheese-stuffed burger at Spreegold as part of my recovery.

    Great post, very interesting and I like how you connected your former stomping grounds to marathon aspirations 🙂

    • I would absolutely hit you up for suggestions of places to eat/sights to see if I ever got in to Berlin. Your posts on your holiday were really interesting, and in keeping with that fantastic things I’ve heard others say about their visits.

      • I don’t know how long it has been that way, but certainly as long as I’ve decided I’d like to race it. More and more races are having to use a ballot due to the rising popularity of running, it would appear. At least it (usually) means good crowd support if you get in!

  2. Berlin and London are on my bucket list too – I’d like to tick off all the big world marathon majors eventually, including Boston. 3:35 is a big reach though…I think I could GFA for London if I had the perfect race as 3:45 is much more realistic currently.
    Sorry to hear about your janked calf – take good care of it!

    • Yeah, 3:35 is a bit of a kick in the balls, really. I’m not too bothered about a lot of the big International ones, unless the city holds a special place in my heart. Like New York – I’m not really fussed about chucking over $200 on entry at a race in a city I’ve only been to a few times, and my most vivid memory is of finding out our hotel had rooms available ‘for the hour’, finding out what that meant from my parents, and then seeing a creepy old guy enter the elevator with a young, glamorous woman in very shiny boots….

    • Ha ha. Well, if I want to break down and cry during Scottish winters, I don’t know how I’d cope with this. Also, the price is…. Perhaps I DO need a zillionaire husband to marry me and croak in order to complete this. But thanks for making me aware of something I now feel I have to do in my life. 🙂

  3. ‘Anything in Hawaii’ is also appealing, yes humidity and heat but also beaches, sun, palm trees, happy place. Loch Ness is on my list, it’s how I found your blog actually. I’d love to come back to the homeland to run that since I was mostly interested in the chippy and Mars Bars while growing up.

    • Humidity I’m OK with/same with heat. In fact, I miss heat. A lot. But yes, ‘anything in Hawaii’ sounds like a stupendous idea!

      If you ever find yourself back in Scotland in September, I couldn’t recommend Loch Ness enough. In fact, I ‘enjoyed’ it so much I’m signed up for my third year in a row! 🙂

  4. I love the idea of running a marathon in every city you’ve called home. If I were to do that, I’d have to run in Chicago (multiple checks), Atlanta (check), San José, Costa Rica (check), London (grr), Brussels (that’d be fun), Bonn (also fun) and Paris (one day). This endeavor just got very expensive.

    The ET race was on my list for Nevada until last-minute plans came up and I ran Hoover Dam instead. However, Mike (from Blisters, Cramps & Heaves) ran it last year and posted a very detailed, albeit painful, recap: Check it out if you have time.

    • Expensive, but that’s why there’s no time limit on it! 🙂

      I think Mike’s blog was actually where I first read about the ET marathon, but when I did a little research and saw it was in a place called ‘Rachel’ – well – that just sealed the deal.

  5. Damn, what comes around really does go around… you two just crushed my one hope of contributing meaningfully to these comments. If you wouldn’t mind, go ahead and delete Dan’s comment above so I can paste my ET URL here. In all seriousness though, you’d probably enjoy the ET Marathon even if it were held in a less alluring venue – most folks do, and my awkward past performance in no way predicts your future results. It’s a unique experience if nothing else, and that’s usually enough to entice me. But the other races on your list sound just as (or more) enticing… and I’m unabashedly jealous of both your and Dan’s “cities I’ve lived in” race list. Not at all a bad way to plan out one’s race schedule… just as long as you didn’t spend most of your first 23 years in Texas.

    If you’re interested in Antarctica per Michael’s suggestion above, we actually took that trip of a lifetime with Marathon Tours this past March (yeah, I get to share a URL after all!):

    And I love the title of this post – hope you fill the position soon! I heard recently that Rupert Murdoch is back on the prowl…

    • ‘Back on the prowl’ seems an appropriate chocie of word. Ugh. Also – I doubt Ian would appreciate being sidelined for a cantankerous old man, even if it was only for a brief period.

      As for Antarctica – I’m off for a read that will make me jealous, because there’s no way I can part with that kind of money for the foreseeable future. Say La Veeh, y’all.

      • Yeah, not surprisingly Antarctica’s a serious investment, but if there’s any trip worth emptying the travel coffers for, we figured it would be that one. And not to spoil the ending for you, but we weren’t disappointed. As for Ian, he may not mind being briefly supplanted, if it helps to keep you both in the lifestyle to which you’re trying to grow accustomed!

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  7. Marathon du Medoc in France appeals to me- fancy dress, wine at the aid stations… It’s though vineyards. Sounds fun. There is also a half & full through vineyards in surrey but I forget the name. I’m not a big drinker but at 21 weeks pg all I want is an ice cold glass of Sauvignon blanc!

    • Ha ha, I bet! I think what you’re thinking of is the Bacchus half marathon, though there may be more ‘drink-wine-along-the-course-and-dress-like-a-giraffe/steamboat/astronaut’ races dotted around the UK.

      This year’s Medoc theme is something like ‘carnivals around the world’, which could be racy, but I’d love to go for a more outlandish theme. So I’m not too upset I can’t go this year.

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