Blue Door River Walk, and a DNS I’m not ashamed of.

Last Sunday I was meant to be running the Culloden 17.46k, a race I had been looking forward to since I signed up.  Sadly, my body had other plans.

After the Aviemore half marathon, the memory of running when I’m feeling sub par is still fresh in my mind.  Running it made me feel pretty miserable for the next week, despite feeling like I was finally starting to get better on race morning.  Lesson learnt!

Last Saturday, I was up bright and early for spin class at the gym.  After a couple of errands and a shower, Ian and I ventured to Edzell to go for a scenic walk.  Specifically, the Blue Door River walk, an enchanting stroll along the River Esk where we hoped we’d get to see Salmon jumping upstream to lay their eggs.  Though we weren’t lucky (or committed) enough to see any salmon, we did take in plenty of the walk’s other main attraction: the turning autumn leaves.

The entrance to the Blue Door walk

The entrance to the Blue Door walk

Along the path.

Along the path.

Next to a big rock.

Next to a big rock.

Ian and the colourful foliage.

Ian and the colourful foliage.

We stumbled across a tower.

We stumbled across a tower.

Sadly, about halfway through the walk I started to become very aware of that nagging itch at the back of my throat that indicates oncoming illness.

Saturday night was fairly restless, as I woke up at various intervals throughout the night until my alarm threatened to go off.  Out of curiosity, I strapped my HR monitor on and hit the snooze button.  About 20 minutes later, I clocked my resting HR at about 20 bpm higher than it usually is.  This is never a good sign (who needs a thermometer?).

Despite this, I set about getting my running kit together and trying to work out what I’d need to take, but I was having cold sweats during any kind of physical exertion.  For physical exertion, see: standing up, walking to the bathroom, folding a shirt, and breathing.  Reluctantly, I sent Ronnie a text message telling him to leave me out of his morning round up.  And then I went back to bed forever (slight exaggeration).  If you want to hear about the wonderful time he had at the race, you can go here.

Thankfully, a day’s worth of sleep seemed to be exactly what I needed, because I felt much better on Monday, and despite a stressful first week back at school after a 2 week break (example: yesterday I left my apartment before 8, had a parents’ evening after school, had an appointment at 8pm, and finally got home after 10pm), that tickle at the back of my throat hasn’t turned into something that can wipe me out for a week.

A DNS is never something to be desired, but I think I’m finally learning to listen to my body a little more.  You know, since I’m fast approaching my fourth decade of life (thank you dad, for crushing my ego with facts like these throughout my adult life), I’m realizing more and more that I should occasionally give myself time to get better when I feel revolting.

Anyway, Happy Halloween, and here’s to a successful race report within the week after the Templeton 10 miler this weekend!

7 thoughts on “Blue Door River Walk, and a DNS I’m not ashamed of.

  1. I’m almost relieved not to read a post where you’re not battling injury or illness MS – you won’t know yourself lining up fresh and 100% ready to race. Amazing autumn colours there.

    • I do tend to run myself into the ground, then take a rest day, and I absolutely notice the difference when I let myself recover enough. I just usually sacrifice that fresh feeling on race day for a spin class or a long run with friends (or a cycle, or hill walking, or…. you get the point) the day before. What can I say? I hate sitting around doing nothing! 🙂

  2. I like the ‘Next to a big rock’ photo – very much the Victorian lady explorer. I hope it goes well for you this weekend, I still have a nagging knee, but my run plan is survival. My concern is being timed out, but with two and a half hours for 14km I should be able to drag myself along with my upper lip if needs be.

    • Good luck to you too! This weekend should be fine. I’m treating it as a training run, as planning on doing my long run the day before.

      Definitely not worth 4-5 hours of travel to run nearly 11 miles in cold, wet weather when you’re feeling crap, and feeling much better for ditching.

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