Oh no! The race is almost full!

Despite walking about like a cripple for a week after my idiotic Loch Ness adventure, and running Aviemore feeling horrendous, I must have felt like I hadn’t quite made enough dumb decisions to fill my annual quota.  Hopelessly drawn in Inspired by these guys, I’ve bitten the metaphorical bullet and signed myself up for an ultra.  I have also been shamelessly hounded into thinking it’s a sane-person thing to do by several local (ish) runners of unsound mind (you know who you are).

So what’s on the menu for 2014?  Apart from kicking off the year with the Texas marathon on New Year’s Day, I have entered the Milano City marathon in April, followed by the Highland Fling, a 53 mile trail race through the Scottish Highlands, made all the more appealing by reading about friends’ adventures there earlier this year.  Yes, once again I was suckered into a race by watching the available places dwindle on an online entry site.  So yeah, kill me*.

2014 is also peppered with a few other (shorter, mercifully) races, and I anticipate a mild breakdown/relapse into heavy drinking and McDonald’s binges around the beginning of May.  Yee-to-the-motherfucking-haw!

Basically the universal reaction I am getting from people I know when I tell them my plans.  This is not limited to the ultramarathon.

Basically the universal reaction I get from people I know when I tell them my plans. This is not limited to running.

*Don’t literally kill me, I actually really enjoy being alive.

17 thoughts on “Oh no! The race is almost full!

  1. There’s nothing better than a slightly mad runner! I too have signed up for some ultras next year! Do you have any training schedules for a 50+ mile distances?


    • Ha ha, I have nothing concrete! I’m hoping to piggyback off of my Texas marathon training (after a week or two off to give myself a break), and then copy what people I know have done in preparation for it, which involves some pretty heavy back-to-backs on weekends. Since it’s meant to be quite hilly, I’ll also try and get some hiking in, though it’ll likely be on tired legs.

  2. Damn … because fifty miles isn’t enough, they have to throw in a 5k at the end for good measure. In. Tense. Sounds like you’re setting yourself up for a very intense 2014. While being called crazy is certainly a compliment to runners, I definitely think that the 50-mile realm and beyond is truly the lair of the unhinged. All the best of luck as you start with the ultra regimen. Send me an email if you want any tips — despite my DNF, I truly think I put together a pretty good plan. Had I not played in a beach volleyball tournament two weeks before that race, I definitely would have finished without any problems. Hindsight’s a bitch innit?

    Thanks for the shout-out too 🙂

    • No problem. And I would love any advice going, since I’m still piecing together ideas for my training over the long, dark, cold winter months! At least it won’t be anywhere near warm enough for beach volleyball here…

  3. Twas my first Ultra and I’m doing it again next year . I’ll never forget that amazing feeling as i lay on the grass with that cold beer in hand thinking ‘ I bloody did it! ‘ See you there

    • I’m in good company then! If I make it across the finish line, we can discuss that special ex-goth Texan award for one of the Hardmoors races (that was you I was speaking to about that, right??). 😉

      • Ha, yes it was me & I’m doing all the Hardmoors Ultras next year. I’ll see what i can do but you’d best whisper it as that Rhona lass is getting a bit good as well . Oh I’ll be at the D33 as well 🙂

  4. Rachel, like Will Ferrell, I do like you, but you’re definitely crazy. A marathon and an ultra IN THE SAME MONTH!?!?!?! I hope you don’t get sick! You better live in your compression gear 24/7 between races, and race the Highland Fling in the shoes you trained in 😉

    Why not do Berlin in the fall INSTEAD? Despite my heavy concerns, I will support you in every way, but I will not join you. I’ll stick to halfs and 10 mile races instead 😉

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