Scottish summer arrives, road bike (and shoulders) sees daylight!

For the first time this year (and possibly for the first time in the last 5 years), we had a glorious weekend in Scotland.  It was warm enough for me to address my t-shirt tan situation in an unflattering green tank top, and when I looked towards the sky I saw the colour blue, instead of the familiar grey!  I had already agreed with Ian that I would accompany him on a drive into the countryside on the Sunday for a few hours, but I took full advantage of the sunlight, and met a friend for ten glorious, sunny miles at 6:30am.  I can absolutely get on board with being a morning person in weather that doesn’t suck.

After a quick shower, and bundled up, Ian picked me up in his 1954 MG TF, and we set off into the Scottish countryside with the top down.  It was pretty windy, especially when we started climbing up some of the hills, but it was too sunny to care.  We saw all of the lambs basking in the daylight, and even came across an escapee on the road, who thankfully wandered off to the side:

Keep moo-ving

Keep moo-ving

We stopped for lunch in Dufftown and started to head back soon afterwards, getting back to Aberdeen at about half past 3.  Considering one of the few perks of living so far North is the fact that we get longer days as summer approaches (estimated sunset time was just after 9pm), we both decided to take advantage of this freak weather, and go for a proper ride on our road bikes.  14.5 miles later, we were back for dinner and an early night.

I was lucky enough to have the Monday off (Ian was not), so I went for a 5 mile run and did some weights at the gym in between spring cleaning my apartment (with the windows open!), and again, the day was beautiful.  Instead of going to spin class in the evening, I ditched the indoor workout and joined Ian for another go on the road bikes.  This time we managed about 25 miles on the rolling hills outside of Aberdeen, making it back just before sunset, at which point Ian devoured everything edible in sight.

Water break

Water break

Losing daylight

Losing daylight

IMG_20130508_164505Despite the silent protest of my undercarriage at the amount of time it has been in an unfamiliar saddle, the rest of me is now even more excited about the 40 mile Granite Cycle challenge next month.  At least, I was excited until I got home after work to an e-mail regrettably informing me that the event has been called off due to poor participation numbers (I think there were only 37 sign ups, and as it’s a charity event, the financial loss they would make is too big to allow it to go ahead).  Unfortunately, normal weather service has resumed, and I can report that it is currently raining, and I had to turn my heating on all day at work.

Road Bike Outing: Day 2

Road Bike Outing: Day 2

Still, 55 miles in 2 days ain’t bad.  And at least we got a summer in Scotland this year – here’s to 2014!

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