Boston 2013

Shortly after posting my recap on the Edinburgh Rock ‘n’ Roll half, and after enthusiastically tracking Amy on the athlete tracker, I heard the news about Boston.

Thankfully those I knew of that were running are safe and well, but others aren’t.  I can’t get my head around the fact that someone would intentionally target the finish line of the marathon – an event that doesn’t associate itself with any religion, race, nationality, or political leaning – harming only innocent bystanders, supporters who were cheering their loved ones on, and runners who had nearly completed their goals.

I can’t help feeling uneasy about complaining about a crappy race when things have been so much worse for everyone yesterday.  My thoughts are with those affected, both physically and emotionally, and my complete respect goes out to everyone who stepped up to help in any way they could.

2 thoughts on “Boston 2013

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  2. First, thank you for tracking me 🙂 I’ve also had a hard time wondering why they chose something rather “unsymbolic” to their cause. I think it was an easy target for them, and they had the ability to go home and act normal right after (which sickens me just as much).

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