Una semana

While my French remains shabby (at a very generous best), I’ll fall back onto high school Spanish to give this an appropriately foreign twist:

¡Una semana hasta el maratón!

I can’t believe how quickly this cycle of training has gone by (maybe because it has not been particularly gruelling on the running front), and I can’t help feeling mildly under-prepared when I consider I’ll be expected to run 26.2 miles in a week’s time, all as part of an enjoyable ‘mini break’.  Regardless, I’m feeling pretty laid back about the whole thing, and I’m quietly confident that I’ll manage to sneak in under 4 and a half hours without punishing my legs so much that they will be rendered incapable of carrying me through the Rock n Roll half in Edinburgh the following weekend.

I thought a lot about time goals for my first marathon and everything kind of fell apart in a painful way, so considering my one-run-a-week approach to training this time around, my main goal is to comfortably (relatively) finish this bad boy.  I’ve already signed up for the Texas marathon next January, so hopefully I’ll be in better running shape to give a time goal another shot then.

Apart from the whole running a marathon thing, myself and two friends will have some time to explore Paris.  Considering my last Parisian experience was tarnished with lost luggage, a shitty hotel, and having to be there a couple of days before Christmas only because I had missed my connecting flight, I am determined to make this time around at least mildly more pleasurable.  I have already earmarked a gelato shop that I will visit once at every available opportunity.

Now.  Apparently you’re meant to eat chocolate today, so I’m off to find something delicious that is not egg shaped.  Chocolate almond florentines, perhaps?  Or a snickers.

Oh, and if I seem a bit calmer just now, it’s probably because the snow has pretty much all melted (finally) and the actual sun has been out for the past couple of days!  It’s still cold compared to what it should be like at this time of year, but at least I’ve been able to wear capris instead of long tights this weekend for both of my gentle 8 milers.  Unfortunately, that meant I had to take the time and effort to shave off the winter coat on my legs.  You’re welcome for this:


Besos y abrazos.


16 thoughts on “Una semana

  1. Hate to be a dickwad, but “maratón” is, strangely, a feminine word. So it’d be “la maratón.” ANYWAY, best of luck leading up to it. My boss is also running it so I’ve had this date in my sights for a bit when she tells me of her training regimen on Monday mornings. Allez!

    • Why is that a feminine word? I know English is really bad for not sticking to its own rules, but other languages are meant to be less rebellious!

      Thanks for the well wishes!

  2. Viva la maraton! Good luck this weekend! I’m very excited to see you (hopefully) have a much less painful marathon experience!

  3. I hope you have a fantastic time in Paris, and that the marathon goes well. Go to ‘L’As Du Fallafel’ in the Marais, I’ve never been but I’ve seen it on travel shows and it will be one of the first places I visit the next time we go to Paris. And of course, enjoy a crepe or two!

    • Yep. I had crippling calf/shin pain after Loch Ness, so cross trained like hell during the week, and ran once on the weekend, gradually upping distance. There have been, at most, 6 other mid week runs since January.

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