Spring in Scotland

Ian often gets annoyed at how much I complain about the Scottish weather.  He thinks I’m overreacting when I moan about being “freezing”, but the fact that my fingertips are literally blue, and half of my fingers have zero colour in them, and my speech is slurred because my mouth is too cold to talk kind of makes me believe my complaints are justified.  Oh, and this, the weather in SPRING:


IMG_20130313_072917I mean, I had to practically ice skate over section on my way home from my sports massage last night.


15 thoughts on “Spring in Scotland

    • I don’t think I have ever complained of being too hot outdoors in Scotland! I’m fairly certain I can count on my fingers the amount of times I’ve been able to go outside without a sweater as well (not including running)!

      • I should have mentioned i’m Scotlands only sun god. Rarely do i race in Scotland and not get sunburnt! Weather forecast for Loch Katrine last week terrible , i start, clouds part & hot sunshine. I pull out, blizzard starts. I rest my case

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