Potentially useful phrases for the Paris marathon

  • Où est la ligne de départ pour le marathon? (Where is the start line for the marathon?)
  • Combien coûte une bière?  (How much is a beer?)
  • Pouvez-vous envoyer un cheeseburger dans ma chambre, s’il vous plaît? (Can you send a cheeseburger up to my room please?)
  • Où est l’ascenseur? (Where is the elevator?)
  • Pourquoi est-il pas de ‘massage’ sur ma carte du room service? (Why is there no ‘massage’ on my room service menu?)
  • Où se trouve le plus proche toilettes? (Where is the nearest toilet?)
My quads say 'no'.

My quads say ‘no’.

7 thoughts on “Potentially useful phrases for the Paris marathon

  1. Oooh, I hate to be a teacher here but:
    – It’s ‘Pouvez-vous envoyer un cheeseburger a ma chambre, s’il vous plaît?’ You asked if a cheeseburger could be sent in your room.

    Je peux t’aider a preparer pour ton voyage a Paris. On peut se pratiquer parler en francais pendant un diner a Nandos.

    Sorry, I have an English keyboard so no accents, good luck decoding!

    And yes, I will take you up on the beer bet for the Balmoral 10 km hill!

    • Blame Google Translate! But also thank it, because it helped ‘decode’ your message. When are you next this way? 🙂 And I have a feeling my beer money is safe, that hill is a monster! 😉

      • I should be up next weekend or the weekend after, I have to pick something up at the Trinity Centre of all places. Would you like a French lesson? 😉

        Is the hill a monster because it’s long or because it’s steep?

      • It’s a monster hill because it is long. And steep. I told myself at the start I wouldn’t walk. I walked.

        Next w/end I have the Garioch half on Sunday, but I’m free Sat after 1. The following weekend I’m free same time on Sat, and flexible on Sunday (though may be nursing a hangover). 🙂

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