Calling fat people ‘fat’ and a successful 10 miles

I’m not one to follow celebrity gossip (that is a complete lie, I read gossip magazines on the elliptical at the gym cover to cover – don’t judge me), but I occasionally read about celebrity spats, and with all this social media stuff, it’s easy to follow along and watch all these fancy shmantzy people act like complete tools.  Recently?  Lady Gaga (who kind of infuriates me, but who also makes very catchy music) wrote an ‘open letter’ to Kelly Osbourne (who irritates me slightly less, and who has a father that made good music and took way too many drugs) shitting on her for her presenting job on some trashy fashion show, and saying that she’s so bummed that she feels it is “culturally important to note that [she] have chosen a less compassionate path” in life.  Than Lady Gaga.  Who clearly thinks she’s Mother Theresa now.

Anyway, she’s basically saying that as a former fat chick, Kelly should be aware of how hurtful her comments on appearance might be, and by making fun of the appearances of others on a fashion show, she’s saying it’s OK to make fun of people based on their appearance.

Being a former porker, I have been on the receiving end of some pretty vicious comments about my size.  Having my own grandmother tell me I should spend 30 minutes on an exercise bike instead of 30 minutes baking brownies was one that I remember, but amongst the tamer jabs.  I also remember coming across some graffiti on the ‘graffiti wall’ at work one night and feeling pretty bad.  The ‘graffiti wall’ was in a staff only area where spare chairs were kept for functions, and it was usually reserved for graphic drawings of vaginas and tits, and lists of the ‘most shaggable’ staff.  I never featured.  Except for a tiny section in the corner where someone had scribbled Rachel is a fat, ugly goth.  Next to that, there were further comments from more of my colleagues about the various levels of damage they might incur by sleeping with me (crushed to death, lost in the vast sea of fat, flattened, eaten after the act).  They were  extremely creative, so I have to give them some recognition for that, but it did not make for comfortable reading.

Nobody wanted to have sex with this.

Nobody wanted to have sex with this.

Still, seeing and hearing things like this was good for me.  Sure, I’d feel pretty unhappy about my appearance, and frustrated that at what I had allowed myself to become, but it also made me determined to do something about it, and realize that I was not ‘cute-chubby’, but ‘full-on-fat-ass’.  One day I woke up, found some ‘work out clothes’, and walked to the nearest gym.  It took about 20 minutes, and several patronizing ‘I’m sure this will change your life’ smiles to join, and then I used the elliptical machine for 45 minutes.  I went back the next day.  And the next.  And then kept going.

About a year, and 80lbs. later, I could honestly say that I was glad I was bullied when I was overweight.  Yes, at the time it was hurtful, but if I hadn’t been, then I could have gone through the rest of my 20’s without being concerned about my weight, and if I hadn’t turned things around, who knows where I could have ended up?

"It's OK, I'm drinking Diet Coke."

“It’s OK, I’m drinking Diet Coke.”

Now I want to make it clear that I am no more a Kelly fan than I am a Lady Gaga fan, although I would like to say ‘Bravo!’ to Kelly for turning into a functioning human with two bat-shit (ha) crazy parents, but I guess I don’t really see the big deal about poking fun of people, especially in a cheesy fashion show that probably has less significance in the world than my last shit.

I also do not live in Gaga’s crazy world of sparkles, and unicorns, and raining candy, and frilly dresses, and ‘art’ (this subject alone is enough to prompt a 10,000 word rant from me, so I’m just going to move along quickly), and rainbows, and calling a hand a paw, and supporting LGBT issues because it’s apparently edgy just now, and apparel made of meat, etc.  The idea that ‘everyone should just be nice to each other’ is achievable, MAYBE, in a nursery with like 5 kids who get along, but I just cannot believe all people are capable of being nice all the time.  Unless they fake it.  But that’s even creepier and doesn’t really count.

I guess what I’m saying is that while I agree with Lady Gaga in as much as I think any TV show on E! is trash, I think she’s being completely unrealistic about her hopes for a super happy future for mankind, and I also think it’s kind of ‘LOOKATME’ for picking on someone for such a non-issue.  She also comes across as a bit of a douche for being all preachy and shit.

I’m also saying that sometimes bullying sparks positive change – it all depends on how you react to it.  If you have a friend/relative/colleague who is unhealthily fat, tell them.  To me, that’s nicer than telling them they look fabulous while Type 2 diabetes destroys their insides, and their arteries clog up with each extra doughnut they shovel down their throat.  Oh, and never tell them that mini skirts are for everyone.  They’re just not.

In other, less chunky news, I managed my 10.5 mile ‘long’ run today, followed by an hour of Body Balance, which is a class that is a mixture of yoga, thai chi, and pilates.  It’s a good way to stretch after running, so my plan is to try and time my long runs to end just before the class on Sundays I’m not racing.  While the weather was not ‘partly sunny’ this morning, but spitting cold rain, and windy, but I’m happy to report no tornadoes.  Also, no severe calf pain!  I can’t say I was too enthused at giving up my long lie though:

Ready to head outside.

Ready to head outside.

29 thoughts on “Calling fat people ‘fat’ and a successful 10 miles

  1. Three things:
    1. Congratulations on the 10.5 mile run without severe pain! Woohoo! And also, how awesome that you’re following that up with what appears to be a fairly intense hour of stretching and muscle toning. Example noted.
    2. I didn’t run yesterday because, at 48 degrees F and brightly sunny in Los Angeles, it was “too cold.” Your blog is a reminder of the fact that I’m a pampered baby. Putting on the shoes now.
    3. Where on Earth did you work that it was OK to graffiti about other people you work with???

    • 1. This dedication will dwindle as marathon training steps up.
      2. I am so freaking jealous.
      3. A hotel. The wall was actually quite a source of comedy during my 6 years there, but I have a pretty high threshold for filth.

    • Zero snow whatsoever, I’m ecstatic to report! I absolutely hate snow, and for once Aberdeen has been spared, as everyone else seems to be covered in it! Tomorrow might be a different story, however… Do you have much, or just a dusting?

      • We’ve got some here, and about 4 inches at school. It’s a beautiful Winter Wonderland!

        p.s. This Canadian loves her snow 😉

      • Aberdeen has been hit. We had a shortened lunch at school today, and class finished 20 minutes early. I still hate snow. 😛

  2. Also, I think if you chose to be in the public eye as an actor or singer, then you’re opening yourself up to be critiqued. That’s the name of the game:- if you want public adoration, you have to go out into the public…. so if you’re overweight, or have terrible fashion sense or whatever it is that Kelly O is saying, then DONT GO DOWN THE RED CARPET.

    It’s totally different if Kelly was picking on random 14 year olds… she’s not, she’s pointing out the ridiculous in public figures, who are kinda asking for it.

    • I haven’t really seen the show, but knowing Kelly O is throwing shade at other celebrities gives even less credence to LG’s criticism. I mean, if you’re going to get paid a ridiculous amount for spending your time doing something that is essentially a hobby for others, it can’t all be roses and cupcakes. Plus, it isn’t as though nobody knows about the negative aspects associated with fame these days.

      I guess I just think that people shouldn’t feel that if they are offended by something, they are entitled to anything. I mean, even if somebody says something totally vile, free speech should be free speech, not ‘free speech unless it makes somebody cry’ (unless it’s “I will murder you”, etc.). I still think it’s crazy that people are arrested for speaking their mind, and all because a handful of people feel like if they are entitled to something if they are offended. But then, ‘a sense of entitlement’ is something I have major issue with regarding A BUNCH of topics, so I’m going to just back away from the keyboard reeeeeeeeeeally sloooooowly.

  3. What the heck. How’d you manage to do an hour long class after that run? I literally felt like my hip was going to fall out after my run today. So we need to set a date for a flew off. What are your thoughts?

  4. A really interesting blog – sorry to hear you are having your experience summarily dismissed elsewhere.
    But – f*ck me! 80lbs in a year. That’s amazing. And a fantastic illustration that if you GENUINELY want to change your lifestyle and give yourself a stronger, slimmer more physically functional body with all the associated benefits that go with it – you can!

    • Thanks! I was pretty amazed at the response on Fetch, but I guess at this time of year there’s a lot of guilt about food and weight gain, so not all that surprising that some people over-analyzed what I said, assumed I was taking a jab at ‘fat people’, and went a bit ape-shit. Cest la vie, am I right? 😉

      • It did, and quite predictably from many of the usual suspects! Some people *will* make anything about *them*! I thought you held your own really well and your responses were well thought out and reasoned. It made for great reading 🙂

      • It’s certainly provoked some opining!
        Absolutely fascinating to stand back and watch people tying themselves in knots!!

  5. Totally agree with your post. I was once “chubby”, never that fat, but I didn’t feel great about myself all the same. Now as a slimmer version of myself I feel much better, and I am grateful to the “you look much fitter from far away” kibes, because without them, my determination might have waned. Although now I have to put up with people saying that I look too thin, and being rather rude about my ‘twiglet legs’…

    • You can’t win with some people! 😛 Well done on staying motivated, it’s more than can be said about a lot of people who complain about their weight and do nothing.

  6. That’s an interesting tale, with a wonderful ending. We all need something to spur us into action, although never anything quite as permanent as a piece of masonry, mine was a throwaway comment by a heavily-pregnant friend.

    I often think that skirting round the subject, though it seems the kindest thing to do at the time, just doesn’t have the same effect.

  7. I don’t condone bullying, and if I ever found out my (hypothetical) children were making hurtful comments to other kids, they’d get a very stern lesson, but I also think that we’re starting to teach kids that any criticism is unwarranted, and nobody is learning how to deal with it. My uncle is a doctor, and he told one his patients that if she wanted to live, she needed to lose weight because she was morbidly obese. He got sued for causing her emotional distress.

    Basically, I’m sorry that you had to go through that (even if you aren’t), but I’m glad you had the strength and maturity to channel it into something positive.

    Also, I love your tag descriptions!

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