First ‘long’ run of the year tomorrow.

While the weather has been largely appalling for the last few days, the forecast shows a window of opportunity (partly sunny, no real wind) at the time I was planning my first ‘long’ run of 2012 (and my late start to training for Paris in April – thanks tight left calf).  Inevitably, this means I will end up ploughing directly into rain, sleet, snow, hail, gale force winds, cyclones, tornadoes, tsunamis, and the apocalypse.  Obviously, enthusiasm is already oozing from my pores.

The good news about tomorrow’s ‘long’ run is that at this stage, long equals ten miles.  Part of me wants to do more, but the part of me that remembers the crippling pain in my lower leg that plagued since before Loch Ness does not.  In a way, ten miles seems like a decent test for my left calf, and it has been foam rolled, stretched and massaged to within an inch of its life.  My sports massage therapist gave it a pretty severe pummelling on Thursday, and I’m back next Friday to assess the damage after the weekend.

Side note: He also told me that my anterior tibialis was the “best” he’s seen in his life, because it was so defined.  I had to ask him what the hell that was, unfortunately knowing that is was not the term for ‘ass’, and he pointed it out.  For those not in the know, here is part of a leg:


My show piece

Tonight – another date with my foam roller, and peppered rump steak with fried mushrooms.  I am looking forward to one of these things more than the other.  I’ll give you one guess.

In other news, I have started a facebook page if any of you fine people care to have my soothing words of wisdom infiltrate your life on a more regular basis.  You can go here for that.  And finally, a photo taken right before the finish of the Lumphanan Detox 10k a couple of weeks go.  Please note, BOTH of my feet are off of the ground!


Photo: Stuart Milne

I hope everyone has eased back into their workout routines after a bit of festive indulgence/laziness!

10 thoughts on “First ‘long’ run of the year tomorrow.

  1. My, what a sexy anterior thingamajig you have!
    Funny, my first “long” run is this afternoon. Will see if I can crank out eight.

    • Enjoy your eight! It’s probably much nicer where you are. 🙂 And I should probably get some seductive close ups of my left shins on here, since they’re clearly a big deal.

    • Thanks! That reminds me, was it the Cupar 5 mile race you were looking at in March? If so, I have a 10 miler the following day, so would probably have to give it a miss. Any other races takes your interest?

  2. Wow, I didn’t even notice both your feet were off the ground – I was too distracted by those sexy tib anteriors! 😉

    I’m planning to run Paris in 2014, can’t wait to hear how you find the run!

  3. My right anterior tibialis is a mother fekker that wants me dead. Run after run, it behaves like part of the team, but only for the first couple of miles and then, wham!, it cramps. I’ve tried massages, stretching, rolling – nothing works. What’s weird is if I grit my teeth and run through the pain, it relaxes itself after a mile or two. Aside from a brief issue with an IT band, I never have any other muscle cramping. I hate it and while rolling the shit out of it mutter, through pain clenched teeth, “take that you little fuck!”
    If you’re ever feeling charitable, call me and I’ll arrange an anterior tibialis transplant. Based on your massage therapist’s assessment, I’ll pay top dollar for yours.

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