Sunday Night Blues

Reasons why I am not in a particularly happy mood:

  • My shins are still not letting me run very much.  Or maybe it’s my calf?  Either way, my lower leg has been experiencing a ridiculous amount of pain, so I have not run regularly since, like, November.  Rest appears to have done nothing.  My training for the Paris Marathon should have started this week. Awesome.  On the plus side, my back, triceps, biceps, and shoulders are looking kind of buff (to me).
  • I go back to work tomorrow.  I have been off since the 22nd of December (a perk of being a teacher).  I have grown accustomed to doing whatever the hell I want to.  And daytime drinking.
  • The scratch cards Ian bought tonight?  Yeah, we didn’t win.  And yes, I know how tacky scratch cards are.

In other news, my search term results never fail to bring a smile to my face:

searchtermwtfJust in case anyone happens to stumble across this site using this search again, may I direct you here, here, or, though not necessarily ‘cycling’ lycra, here.  You’re welcome.*

*Regular readers: do not click on the links if you are at work/with your parents/not into seeing the outline of a dude’s junk in lycra.

EDIT:  You’re all a bunch of perverts:

In less than an hour!

In less than an hour!

27 thoughts on “Sunday Night Blues

  1. I’ve got the blues too! I’ve been moaning/whining every time I look at the clock. I’ll be happy to be back into a routine, but want some more time off. Plus the first day back is always so bad. Woe is me! 😦

    I’m really not that miserable and whiny, I’ve just become so accustomed to enjoying my time off.

  2. You get all the fun!! 🙂 Sorry to hear about your shins or calf. Not sure it makes a difference, but I haven’t been running much either since November. Maybe we can have a joint goal of running again starting this week and keep each other in check? 😉

    • Sounds good! I just entered the Texas Marathon (January 1st, 2014) to cheer myself up. Come New Year’s Eve, I may regret that decision, but the thought of sunshine and warm(er) days overrules pain. 🙂

      • Great plan! 🙂 I am looking forward to the California weather! Yesterday I looked up races in California. Since I don’t know my exact moving date yet, I don’t want to commit to a half marathon for spring, but maybe I can sign up for a random 10k in March?

      • Are you leaving that soon?! I am so jealous, but not of running the summer. Ouch! I’m sure there are loads of great races in CA, and I bet the goody bags are less stingy. 😛

      • I am hoping so! You’ll find out about the goodie bags. 😉 Any other races planned in TX? I am sure I’ll be heading there a couple of times next year, too.

      • Yeah, I’m going for Christmas to be with my family. I have a few other races in mind (Galveston Santa Hustle half marathon being one). If you’re about in late December/early January, let me know! 🙂

    • There is a half marathon in San Francisco, a Nike sponsored one (I think) that is for women only, where you get totally pampered. You get Tiffany’s jewellry in your goodie bag, and firemen dressed in tuxedos are there to hand everything out. I would run that race just for that experience!

      • Hi Danielle, yeah I have done this one 3 times already and am planning to do it again this year. Did the full in 2009. It’s my favorite race in the world. 🙂 Now just looking for spring and early summer races.

      • LOL. You need to add this one to your list. It’s mid-October in SF. Full and Half (I hope they are keeping the half…). Or you could run the new Nike Women’s Half Marathon in Washington DC in April (first time this year). I am a sucker for GREAT medals. The Tiffany’s necklace counts as one of those. 😉

  3. I am supposed to be filling in a job application so naturally I am clicking on all links to add to the time spent procrastinating!

      • I’m at work… clicked them… the FDIC blocked the first one and said access denied PORNOGRAPHY across the screen. Hope no one looks at that.

      • Hahahaha! I can’t access my blog at all at word – it gets flagged as ‘pornography’ there’. I have another blog I write for school (with notes, and downloadable sheets and stuff), and I can access that no problem, so it’s definitely down to the word ‘slut’.

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