Wildhearts Aberdeen Santa Run 2012

Time: 28:30

Position: 3rd female finisher! This has been edited.  See comments below.

Medal: Yes, and it has finally changed!


I have a soft spot for this run.  It’s a fun run, but there are some sad types (translation: me) who take it seriously.  When it started in 2008, I was the first female finisher.  Just.  I stopped after the ‘lap of honour’ around Pittodrie Stadium to bestow a kiss upon the lips of my boyfriend, was briefly overtaken, and then someone shouted at me to “Keep going, you’re not done yet!”.  I regained my position and finished ahead.  Here I am coming to the end of my victory lap in 2008:

santarunThat’s the smile of someone who knows she’s winning something.

The following year I missed out the run.  The third year, I finished second female.  In 2011 I was second female finisher again.  This year?  Well, I had planned to take it easy and just enjoy it as a fun run.

Originally I was meant to be running it with Danielle and her husband, Pat.  Unfortunately, Danielle had recently seen an osteopath who told her that she couldn’t run (or even walk) the 6k race.  Still, we had planned on going to Nando’s afterwards, so her husband was still going to run, and she would spectate/cheer, along with Ian, who, despite my best efforts, refused to run.

Ian and I were picked up just before 12 and made it to the stadium with about 40 minutes to spare before the start.  We got our Santa suits on (I brought my own heavy duty belt as the plastic ones just do not hold up well at all), and then Pat went to go and put his extra stuff in the car.  The problem is, he also kind of left the car key in the car.  The only car key.

Photo: Ronnie

Photo: Ronnie

At about this time, the supremely cheesy warm up was getting ready to start.  I found Ronnie outside (he wasn’t taking part as he’s still injured from going over his ankle during a trail run at night), and some familiar faces from Fetch.  I decided I would try and run with them, since I had left my music in my rucksack with Ian.  Unfortunately, after the sloooooooow beginning, I managed to lose everyone.  It isn’t particularly easy to spot people you know when everyone is wearing a Santa suit.  So I had no choice but to plod along at my own pace.

Luckily, the sun had decided to come out (it was dark, gloomy, and chucking rain horizontally earlier in the day).  It was cold, so the felt suits weren’t too unwelcome, and the cold breeze from the North Sea was actually kind of refreshing.  I picked off runners one by one, but made a conscious effort to ignore my Garmin completely (success, by the way).

The course snakes around the upper and lower promenade along Aberdeen beach, so you get a couple of opportunities to see who’s in front of/behind you.  At about 5k, I started noticing the leaders along the promenade below.  I kept my eyes peeled for any women, and when I only counted 3 in front of me (plus one ‘unsure’), I was annoyed I’d started so far back at the start and had taken it easy (ish) so far.  Obviously, I sped up, but there wasn’t much of the run left.

Screw you slutty Mrs. Claus! (Photo: Ronnie)

Screw you slutty Mrs. Claus! (Photo: Ronnie)

By the time I had reached the stadium for the final lap, I had overtaken one of the women, but the rest had finished.  I focused on staying strong until the end, despite the cold rain and wind pummeling my face (yes, the weather had turned), and managed to overtake a couple of guys before finishing.  I was pretty pleased to come fourth, but I’ll definitely go back to my more aggressive starting position if I return next year.  Like I did in 2010:

santa run 2010By the time Pat and I had run, a recovery van was at the car and a man was expertly fishing keys out of Danielle’s car with a hook on a wire.  Quite an ambitious attempt, but within a few minutes we were sitting in the car, sheltered from the rain.  As planned, we continued on to Nando’s for some well-earned Sunday grub where we talked of school, old phones, and haunted castles in Scotland.  Natural conversation, obviously!

Afterwards, Ian and I said goodbye to Danielle and Pat, and headed home on foot.  There were some beautiful rainbow clouds in the sky, but my smartphone did not do the best job of capturing them:

IMG_20121209_184728What the clouds actually looked like:

rainbow cloudsSource

And with that, my 2012 racing calendar comes to a close!  I wonder how much more I can fit into 2013?

22 thoughts on “Wildhearts Aberdeen Santa Run 2012

    • Ha ha ha, soon you’ll be able to! I realized when I was writing this up that I didn’t take any photos this time, apart from the unsuccessful rainbow clouds (but as you witnessed them firsthand, you’re not missing out!).

      And actually, haunted castles are natural conversation when Ian is speaking to me. 🙂

      • I’ve got a photo of you and Pat dressed up, and was going to snap one of you running but that’s when the car recovery came. Sorry!

        Haunted castles are natural topics for Pat and I too: I tell him and he rolls his eyes at me 😛

      • Thanks, but if you mean the same Mrs. Claus in the photo above, that’s impossible because I finished ahead of her! The photo was taken right outside the stadium, and not a single person passed me from that point. The lady writing down names at the end told me the person that came in third had wandered away and they never got a name for her, so the space on the sheet was left blank.

      • Wrong spy. Joint 3rd places – and forgot to give our names as I thought they’d get our numbers.
        From Slutty Claus 😉

      • Well, if that’s the case, and you were the one/s that wandered off, you were either joint 4th, or I was second, because I definitely finished in front of you, Lady Claus! I only went back to check after I’d had a drink of water (a minute or so), which is when I was told 3rd place wandered off, and there were names for 1st and 2nd place, neither of which were mine. So, I guess either there was another female runner who came third and wandered off, or they didn’t take down my name for third place, because I went to speak to my boyfriend/friends as soon as I finished. Believe me, I’d be happier with 3rd than 4th! And I know I wasn’t passed after that photo was taken.

      • What happened to being humble in sport? We were told we got 3rd. It was a fun run, an opportunity to get out and have a laugh and raise money for a fantastic, innovative method of poverty alleviation. If you want to make a big deal out of a single place for a mediocre time for being a ‘medalslut’ then please be my guest. You can have the third place. We did the run for the right reasons – there’s no need to become assertive. You need to chill and appreciate that you were part of a run for an amazing cause

      • Nothing like being humble in sport. We were told we got 3rd. It was a fun run, an opportunity to get out and have a laugh and raise money for a fantastic, innovative method of poverty alleviation. If you want to make a big deal out of a single place for a mediocre time for being a ‘medalslut’ then please be my guest. You can have the third place. We did the run for the right reasons – there’s no need to become assertive. You need to chill and appreciate that you were part of a run for an amazing cause

      • I don’t see how me being ‘confident and direct in putting forward [my] views’ is anything negative. I was just responding to a comment you made in reference to a cheeky caption on a photo that I felt was incorrect, and trying to explain why I thought that. Because I pretty much respond to most comments here. And so in response to what you’ve most recently said:

        1. I’ll take third then, because by my logic, that’s where I stand, and yes, it’s kind of important for me, a ‘mediocre’ runner, to manage to place. It doesn’t happen very often (it basically occurs about as regularly as SuBo gets laid), so I like to celebrate when it does.

        2. Is there a ‘wrong’ reason to run?

    • I was there standing watching inside the stadium and Rachel had picked up about half a dozen places at least. I was using that girl to try to find Rachel, she was still up in the top corner when Rachel finished. lol, that’s why I made a mess of Rachel’s finishing photo.

  1. Good job! I felt the exact same way after my 5k on Sunday! We started out super slow (9:55) and then actually moved a little for the rest. Our team ended up being 4th over all and would have totally placed way higher had the boy and I actually ran. Oh well, there is always next year! Nice work!

    • Yeah, I’m a bit annoyed I didn’t bother starting at the front (and keeping my ‘top 3’ streak alive), but everyone I knew doing it had pooled near the back for the warm-up. Plus, because of the keys-locked-in-car problem, I was waiting back to see what was going on.

      I think next year I might try and find a different Christmas themed run. The beach promenade is probably one of the most boring places to run here, and I know of a couple of other close races I was tempted to try this year (but timing was not good).

  2. To add fuel to the fire, non-regulation santa outfits should mean no podium finish. That goes to the both of you, you pair of cheaters. 😉

    Come to think of it, maybe I was the third lady. Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been mis-identified… 😦

  3. HA! Who knew a Santa run could cause so much controversy? Congratulations on your 3rd (or whatever?) place finish! I think your outfit is much more practical than slutty Mrs. Claus especially since it is apparently actually winter over there! And excited to see what crazy races you do in 2013!

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