The Quest for a Good Running Photo… continues.

Don’t get too excited, the quest continues.  But I have just found an ‘almost’.  While stalking events online, I came across a man’s photo album from the Huntsville half marathon in Texas a couple of weeks ago (I can’t believe it has only been a couple of weeks since I’ve been back – it feels like months).  I believe this is just before the finish line for the quarter marathon (meaning Nikki and I still had another loop to run).  I have no idea why I’m so far ahead, because we pretty much ran this entire thing side by side, but what I really want to explain is this is MUCH CLOSER to how I imagine I actually look when I’m running than the typical race photos I come across.  If only my eyes were open, this would potentially be my best race photo yet!

In other news, despite feeling like I had immortal feet, I have finally lost a toenail.  Being a 10k junkie for years, I guess this is like a pretty ceremonial thing in terms of long(er) distance running, so it’s great to be part of the cool crowd.  On the other hand, in Texas, I went for a pedicure with my mom (and it was only, like, the 4th pedicure I’ve ever had), and I feel like it was wasted on my now sub-human toes. In fairness, the gross blood blister on the neighboring toe is doing my foot aesthetics few favours:

And finally, in an kind of ‘fuck you!’ to the clocks going back and having a staggering 45 minutes of daylight after I finish work (and I am a school teacher that finishes work at 15:35), I went out for an evening trail run with Ronnie with my new head torch:

No light + blinding flash = goofy expression.

It was an overall failure, as we only managed about 4 miles (we were aiming for 8), and I kept getting weirded out by strange sounds in the woods.  It is also pretty easy to get completely lost in the dark, so there was a bit of stop-starting whilst we tried to work out if we were going where we wanted to go.  Also, it’s nearly impossible to tell whether that pile of leaves you’re about to run on are just sitting on the trail, or disguising a shin-deep freezing puddle of stagnant water.  Spoiler: I got wet.

Good luck to those of you racing this weekend!  I just have some weights and a shortish run planned this weekend before a busy week at work and the Fraserburgh half next weekend.  It looks like the Fraserburgh half could possibly mark the beginning of training for my first ultra, but I’m only about 60% sure I’ll aim to do it this year, so I wont say too much about that now…

9 thoughts on “The Quest for a Good Running Photo… continues.

  1. Nice head torch! Pat has one that I’ve used for running at dusk on roads, but it didn’t help that much. You’re brave for doing a trail run; I’ve had the bad luck of landing on rocks in the dark and rolling my ankle (on a road) so I avoid trails in the dark. Instead, boring repetitive towns runs.

    • Yeah, they kind of create tunnel vision and your eyes go a bit strange, but easier than no light. Also, after the several near-misses, I’m amazed I didn’t end up on my face next to a weird dip in the path. I have since stuck to boring town runs.

  2. I have yet to get a totally awesome racing photo of me. Wait – one was good because it was taken from behind and no one could see what I’m sure what a look of pain and imminent death on my face as I neared the finish. Sorry about the toenail…and yes miles are inversely correlated with number of non-black nails.

  3. Running champ. I feel like I started picking up running the same time as you then fell off and now watching you I feel like a TOTAL slacker. Bravo. And of course welcome to the toe nailess club.

    • Whilst I miss my toenail, I feel a sense of freedom thanks to not having to worry about taking it off when I remove a sock.

      As for slacking? You had crazy heat to deal with. I had highs of, like, 70.

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