Forward Thinking

Despite booking a train, a youth hostel, and entering the BUPA 10k in Edinburgh that takes place tomorrow, my mashed left quad has made it pretty clear that it has not sufficiently recovered from the marathon.  Considering I’m heading off for warmer climes (nb: This is worded significantly better than my brain fart this morning when I declared happily that I would be “in heat” in less than two weeks), and in these warmer climes I shall be running with my mother and an old school chum, I’m being sensible and ditching the 10k to give myself a bit more time to recover and avoid injury.

I’m also still caressing my Loch Ness medal, and have been sending photos to everyone I’m related to that has an e-mail address (about 6 people).  Photos like this:

And taking photos like this has made me realize I could take much more creative (translation: trashy) photos if I had two circular metal trinkets to pose with (marathon size only – because they would expose less).

Finishing the marathon has also got me thinking about possibilities for next year, and I’ve spent the last few days trawling the internet for races in Scotland and beyond that I can sign up to.  You can stalk my potential whereabouts here.
Featuring on my list is an international destination – the Paris Marathon.  A couple of running girls I know have planned to make a long weekend of it and have invited me to tag along. 
Despite swearing that I would never run another bastard marathon from approximately mile 9 onwards last weekend, I’m getting excited at the idea of running not only another marathon, but potentially an ultra.  While many of my non-running pals will undoubtedly throw an eye-roll in my direction when I share these plans with them, they are unaware of the benefits of burning a days worth of calories in the morning, and then heading for beers and burgers (I’m aware this is plural) later. 
If anyone in/near Texas (specifically Houston) or in/near either Sydney or Melbourne knows of any sweet races worth checking out in July, let me know.  And I realize these destinations are a couple of miles apart, and I also haven’t committed to traveling outside of Scotland in the summer (the only chance you’ll feel warmth in this country), but they’re locations there is at least a slight possibility I’ll be at.

15 thoughts on “Forward Thinking

  1. In terms of recovery (I’m certain you know this already), but for every mile run in a race, you’re supposed to have that many days rest and/or easy runs. So you ran 26.2 miles, so for the next 26 days, ideally you’re supposed to take it easy. That’s my running lesson for today, again, I’m certain you knew this. If it were me, I’d be relishing every minute of those 26 days of rest, but I think I’m lazier than you 😉

    • Pah! I don’t have time for rest! But I’ll maybe consider .5 days for each mile run. That seems like something I can get on board with.

      Hope you’re enjoying your holidays – it’s making me way overexcited about seeing my family and friends in less than TWO WEEKS! 🙂

  2. Ah, that particular brainfart has to go down (fnerk!) as one of the classic moments of opening mouth & speaking before engaging brain! 😀

    Enjoyed the run & chat on Saturday, and I agree that skipping the 10K was/is probably the wisest move – discretion & valour, etc.

    • After my pathetic attempt at a run on Sunday (to ease the guilt of pulling out of a race), I think I made the right decision. Jogging in pain for 2 miles, then having to walk home defeated is never fun, and a fairly accurate indication that I should not have run 10k that day.

      Apparently my boyfriend’s sister + family went to see me at the finish line (they had not been told), and their daughter was in tears when she realized I wasn’t coming (she’s weirdly fascinated by me to the extent that she believes, apparently, that I do not poo, because pooing is for uncool people). That made me feel pretty bad, because anyone who thinks I’m so cool that I don’t shit I’ve got to have a soft spot for, really. I’ve bought her a kick ass card for her 3rd birthday though.

  3. “bastard marathon” is my new favorite term to describe a dastardly hard event. I’m a fan.

    2013 is also going to be the year of the Ultra for me! Here’s to mutual groaning about doing super long runs through the night. Godspeed!

    • That is one my my more reserved terms…

      Yeah, I haven’t signed up for the ultra (don’t think entries open for a bit), but the start line is literally about a mile from my door, so no excuses, really. Well, I’m sure I could muster up one or two, but at the moment my mind is in that dangerous ‘Why the hell not?!’ place that, when mixed with beer, does retarded things.
      Mutual groaning sounds like a plan, and I’m totally going to ignore how seedy that sounds.

  4. Please run Paris. I need an honest opinion of it since the boy and I have already started dedicating April 2014 to the prospect of it because apparently he still feels he owes me dinner in Paris. Who am I to complain if that were to not so accidentally coincide with a bastard marathon?

  5. So here I thought I’d come here and we could discuss how much we hate marathons and never want to do them again only to see that you’ve crossed to the other side!!! Who are you?

    And I kind of want to do an ultra but not even remotely race it. I’m thinking Leadville 100. I bet Paris would be cool for a marathon, but I think finding races in Houston during the summer might be hard.

    • Yeah, hell, I’m expecting races in Houston in a couple of weeks to be tough going since I have been spoiled with cool weather this summer…

      And I know. I don’t even know who I am anymore. I know my during-marathon self would be disgusted at my current-self a lot.

      Annnnnnnnd – Leadville? Now who’s talking like a lunatic?!?!

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