One Week.

This is what graces the homepage of this site:

And while I am kind of stressing enough about the fact that I actually have to run a marathon, I have now also come down with a cold (occupational hazard – kids = germs).  Aberdeen schools have a long weekend at the end of September, so I should have been enjoying 4 days off with my boyfriend doing fun things, enjoying myself, and trying to resist the urge to do impromptu long runs to counteract all the food I’m eating.  Instead, I’ve spent most of my time this weekend here:

Whilst my boyfriend has come up with one or two fun things we can still do in this particular location, it isn’t quite the hill-climbing, mountain biking, sunshine-filled, non-running stuff we had hoped we would be doing.  And yes, I’m talking about playing minesweeper on my phone and watching clips like Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s recent Magic Mike spoof on SNL, obviously.  To make matters worse, it’s Ian’s birthday tomorrow, and it is going to involve me moaning about being ill.

I guess if I’m hunting for the silver lining in all this, I’m getting plenty of rest, which is something I know I wouldn’t be getting if I was 100% right now.  But hopefully I can have a little jog and a weights class tomorrow, if I’m feeling any improvement, just to stop myself from tearing up the carpet in my flat out of frustration.  And also to counteract whatever Ian’s birthday eatery of choice does to me.

I’ll give you three guesses to decide how I’m feeling today:

Clue: it’s not ‘cheerful’ or ‘enthusiastic’.

7 thoughts on “One Week.

  1. Hope you feel better soon!
    I know it’s tempting, but I would skip any exercise ahead of Loch Ness. You won’t lose fitness in such a short space of time and the risk of an injury from exercising while you are already feeling off (or just setting back your recovery) isn’t worth it so close to race day.

    Sounds like you are tapering perfectly, if you aren’t climbing the walls in frustration then you aren’t doing it properly!

  2. It can be hard to find the positive ray of hope in times like this, but there’s definitely a big one here. In my experience, I’ve found that it’s better to err on the side of UNDER-training than overtraining. Especially in the week leading up to a marathon, I’d rather have not enough miles than too many.

    So if anything, you’ll be rested when you toe the line. It’s not much, but it’s something.

    Best of luck!

    • Thank you! It’s good to hear stuff like this from people who have much more marathon experience than I do. And I’ll add to your ‘well rested’ and raise you a ‘beer at the end’!

  3. Get well soon! You can use your downtime to get some socks! 🙂 Here is a brand that you can get in the UK: Experia Socks by Thorlo. Runners Need sells them. No need to wait until you get to Texas to get nice comfy running socks that keep your feet beautiful! Get the thick cushioned ones.

    • Thanks, will have a look, but I’m cutting it a bit tight for delivery!

      Starting to feel a bit better, and even managed some weights and yoga at the gym today, so signs are good! 🙂

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