Trying not to dwell on the fact that I’m running a marathon in nine days. Did I mention I’m running a marathon?

There are 9 days until my first marathon and I am calmly freaking out.  This basically equates to looking 100% laid back, but inside my brain my thoughts are basically an endless stream of what-the-fuck’s.  I know my physio said to avoid running (and any impact activities) until the big day after the Crathes half, but I am a grown ass woman, and I can make adult decisions on my own, thank you very much!
Translation: Last night I went for an 8.5 mile run in the rain on the trails at Hazelhead Park.

The colder weather is coming in, the sun was out (when I started), and I guess I needed to know that I could still run a decent distance without collapsing in a heap of pain.  Plus, I figured if I was going to create more pain, it would be better to test things this week rather than merely days before the marathon.  It turns out my calf/shin is still sore, but it has majorly improved since last week (and the 2, 3, maybe 4 weeks – how long did I ignore this – before).  So I might have to have another test run (like 6-7 miles) this weekend, and then maybe a short run next week.  You know, just to be sure, or something.

Anyway, in less boring injury related news, I am celebrating my Friday off (I get Monday off too, thank you September long weekend!) in style!  I went to an abs class this morning and then did Body Pump.  After that I met Ian for lunch (a curry and beer – still in my gym kit, nothing but class), and I’m feeling suitably merry as I type!  I also picked up some essentials for next weekend (and have one or two things I’m going back into town for later).  These include:

  • high 5 gels, even though they have Cliff Shots along the course – I am not used to them.
  • Smuckers peanut butter and jelly (strawberry) from a shop that sells unhealthy American food for about 10 times the retail price.  This is my ultimate pre-race meal, with bread, obviously.
  • a cheap ipod shuffle, for ONLY running tunes, and so that I don’t risk destroying my fancy (and not cheap) Sony mp3 player
  • New running tights (because why not?)
  • Beer (for my fridge, to greet me upon arrival back home)

Anyway, the beer I consumed with lunch is telling me I need a siesta before I head back out, so I think I’ll get on that, STAT!

10 thoughts on “Trying not to dwell on the fact that I’m running a marathon in nine days. Did I mention I’m running a marathon?

  1. I’m the exact same way. I’m having a daily dose of anxiety. I have no idea why this stupid little race is messing with my head so much.

    Glad to hear that your shin isn’t in full on injured mode. You only have to stay injury free for 9 more days!

    • I know! I saw your latest post right after I published this and thought ‘thank god I’m not alone!’. I have also been dropping the fact that I’m soon to run a marathon into every appropriate (and inappropriate) conversation. Like, I’m lecturing entire classes at school on the importance of tapering before a big event. I’ve witnessed more than a few eye rolls.

  2. 1. PB&J – is this the container of PB&J mixed together? I’m pretty sure they sell that totally overpriced in America too.
    2. You aren’t wearing your new tights for the first time on race day, right???
    3. You will totally kick marathon ass. If the pain returns mid-run, just remember that you can ice your legs after the race with the beer that is already in your fridge. Run til it hurts, then drink til it doesn’t!

    • It is mixed in the same jar, but prevents over consumption of PB by spoon by yours truly.

      Tights are not for running day – but I saw them in the window and wanted them immediately.

      Beer is beautiful, but I have awoken from my siesta fuzzy-brained and with gross breath. Teeth brushin’ time, then (maybe) back to shopping.

      • 1. Totally true but oh so very, very good.
        2. Ass chafing on race day is not fun no matter how cute your ass looks in tights. I know you know this already but I can’t help but emphasize it after the Great Ass Chafing fiasco on one of my long training runs (those tights are good for 8 miles only, 15? NO).
        3. Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant.

        You are going to rock this and I am so looking to the race report. I’ll be thinking of you in nine days as I’m running in the mountains at Lake Tahoe. No really, I will. It will be something like this: “Sure, I’m on my second half in two days (third in 6 days) but I’m not running a full mary like that amazing beast!” You’re going to kill it!

  3. Good luck with your first marathon! I hope you are in taper mode and have scaled back your running. You’ve probably gotten all kinds of advice, but here is mine:
    Taper, you need to be rested for race day
    Don’t do or eat anything new on race day. If you don’t normally stretch for an hour, don’t do that waiting for the race to start just because you are nervous and need something to do.
    Try to stop drinking at least 30 min before the race starts and get in line for the porta potty. You’d be surprised how quickly the bladder gets full. Even if it really isn’t.
    Taking gels with you is a good idea. Don’t wait until your energy is depleted to take the 1st one. Maybe start at mile 5?
    Don’t go out to fast. People do this all the time. Try to relax.
    Have fun!

    • Thanks! All terrific advice. Trust me when I say I will ignore 99% of it, because I know myself, and I know I will start off powering downhill thinking ‘Wooooooo! I’m a freaking superstar!!!!!!’, and then hate myself after 15 miles. I also know that me + no physical activity = violent rage, so while I’m cutting back on the running, I’m fairly sure tapering involves no vicious spin class, or hardcore weights sessions. And I will convince myself that a 40 mile bike ride is simply a ‘commute’.

      But you can rest assured that I will not try anything new, food-wise, on the day, because an excuse to eat PBJ sandwiches is never something to give up! Also, stretching is for show-offs!

      I’ll let you know if I have fun AFTER the race. And AFTER my sports massage on the following Tuesday! (I am organized to the max!)

  4. I’ve been thinking about you and your marathon, and even checked last night when it was. Am I getting vicarious marathon anxiety?

    I know what shop you’re speaking about for the PB&J, it’s on George St right? By John Lewis? What do your tights look like? I plan on hopefully buying a pair of Lululemon tights when I’m home for a visit.

    Have a good weekend and run!

    • You absolutely know the shop I am talking about! Wowzee (such a cheesy name) is the one.

      The tights are just plain black Nike running 3/4 length tights, but I’ve been looking for plain ones for longer than I care to admit!

      And I think you are getting VMA. 😉 But thank you!

      • Between you and Amy, I have marathon talk in my inbox all the time! And for the record, NO it doesn’t make me want to run one. Ever. (that’s more for Amy than you Rachel)

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