18 miles!

So I’m sitting on my sofa, totally naked apart from my socks and sports bra (but sitting on my somewhat sweaty shirt, for everyone that visits me and sits on my sofa), and I am exhausted. I am exhausted, not from another Olympics watching marathon, but from completing my longest training run ever of 18 miles. There were moments of pain, moments of needing to just get through it, moments of chanting ‘Michael Phelps’ in my head (thanks to Amy’s recent post), and moments of elation (the end), but it is done, despite the fact that I left my flat this morning doubtful that I would even get into double figures.

Because I’m pretty spent, I thought I would share my run today with you all via the medium of photography. Phone photography to be exact.

I started later than anticipated, so by the time I left the sun was really beating down (for Scotland), so I am glad I plastered myself with suntan lotion, despite really hating the feel of the stuff. I thought I’d try and get some mind-numbing miles out of the way on the old Railway line:


Unfortunately, the railway line is rife with flying pests that usually end up stuck on my suntan lotion-laden face, and occasionally in my eye. When I have my phone and this happens, I usually have to take a couple of shots to try and locate the offending insect. I’m blind in one eye, so bug + eyeball = slight problem sometimes.


After the railway line and a lap of Duthie Park, I headed back into town and then towards the beach for what I was hoping would be a scenic lap with lots going on to take attention away from any pain I might be feeling.  Unfortunately, as I approached the beach, I was met by this sight:


The fog only thickened during my lap of the beach boulevard, to the point where visibility was probably only about 30 feet ahead at times.  So much for people watching…

If you try really hard, you might be able to see the North Sea on the left.

After breaking out the music for the final 4 miles, I was done!  And obviously, that means treating myself.  And since I was at the beach, what better way to celebrate my longest training run than this?

Tasty (and I totally know I need to do something about the chipped polish)

Armed with my ice-cream, I began the mile or so ‘cool down walk’ back home.  I passes an overpass that I walk past, no joke, at least twice a day and there was a train on the tracks.  I think in the several years I have lived here, I have only seen a train there once before.  So obviously I took a photo, like a lame tourist.

I don’t even know if I can come up with an exciting caption for this.

Further along, in one of the ‘squares’ in Aberdeen, there was some, I want to say Bollywood, but I could be wrong, dancing going down.  They were pretty good, and definitely more interesting than, you know, pan pipes:


FINALLY I returned home, and experienced an ungodly pain when I disrobed and realized I had ignored the golden rule of chick running: Don’t wear fancy new panties on a long run.  There is going to be swearing in the shower very shortly, but they are super cute, so I couldn’t help including a shot.  They came with a matching bra, but don’t worry, I’m not retarded enough to venture out with a stiff under-wire chest-shredder:


And because no photo post seems complete without a glimpse of my gnarly feet, I present to you one a pretty gross blood blister on my left foot.  I’m actually amazed that this is pretty much the worst I have experienced, bar one toenail that’s seemingly cracked in half, since upping my miles.  I will be mega impressed if I can keep all my toenails, because I am hitting up my pedicurist after the marathon, big style, and I’d like a colourful shade for my October holidays to Houston.


To everyone else doing long runs or racing this weekend, I wish you luck.  I’m off for a shower, and then some delicious beef rendang.  And beer.  Cold, sexy beer.

19 thoughts on “18 miles!

  1. No long runs for me, but I have done some serious walking over the past 10 days catching up with Olympic happenings. Great job on the run! Love the ice-cream treat! 🙂

      • For sure! I’m getting teary over events I had no previous interest in. And when I’m alone and don’t have to pretend to hold it together, I’m all out gushing.

  2. In Michael Phelps we trust!

    Good job on 18. Sorry about the panty fiasco. And enjoy the beer! We had a fast 13 this morning, which feels amazingly awesome compared to the 17 last week.

    • I’m sure! I’m looking forward to next weekend because a.) I’ll be in Edinburgh and b.) No long run! I’m doing a run-about-on-a-hill-in-a-lightsuit-at-night thing on Saturday, and a 10k on Sunday. Bliss!

      Not bliss = the shower I just had. It was about as pleasant as I imagine being massaged by a lady with sandpaper hands would be..

  3. Well done! I have been slouching on the couch as well (in clothes though ’caused the kids are home) but only did 13 today. A beer sounds like a great idea. You deserve yours for sure!

    • Putting the word ‘only’ in that last sentence should be a jailable offence – 13 is no small feat! I hope you got a glass of whatever you fancy after that! 🙂

  4. Oh my, this post has me giggling! First, awesome on the 18!!! Nice variety of foliage and air quaility!
    Second… I think they night be doing the ayallah dance. It’s a traditional Arabic dance… Did they have sticks?
    Third… Great advise on the panties!
    And last… OUCH! That blister looks sore.
    Have a great weekend xoxo

  5. I felt your pain (and then some) at the panty snafu but holy hell, Batman! Way to rock 18 miles. And you so deserved that ice cream (after all, I ran home with a milkshake on last Sunday’s long run and it wasn’t even a glamorous mileage!). Rock on, girl! Have a beer for me, please!

    • I almost cracked open a can this morning for breakfast (but realized I’d be throwing away my day because me + 1 beer = tanked and nap). Still a bit stiff today, but nowhere near as bad as I thought I would be when I hobbled to bed last night!

      Crotch is still on fire though.

  6. Man, I remember how brutal those new distances were. I think I cruised through 14 and 16 but my first shot at 18 felt like a six-car pileup. It doesn’t really ever get easier, you just learn to put up with it more. Keep it up!

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