Hasta la vista, July.

Well marathon training is in full swing, and I am feeling it.  A lot of people have been saying that despite the love/hate relationship you develop with long distances, as soon as you cross the line after running your first 26.2 mile race, you’re already thinking about the next one.

I’m going to go ahead and call bullshit on this, without having completed my first marathon.  I just have a feeling I’m going to buck the trend on this one.  I like running.  Until this year, 10k’s were my happy distance, but I have really taken to the half marathon distance.  In my head, though, I still break it down into 2 10k’s and a bit.  And as much as I like the idea of cracking out a couple of marathons a year, the reality is a LOT of training goes into preparing, and I miss my gym classes.  I also kind of miss running for no reason, instead of dreading 9 miles because it’s ‘on my schedule’.

The mileage buildup is evident when I look at my dailymile training statistics.  Just so you guys don’t think I was Miss Lazy Beans, I only joined dailymile on New Year’s Day (in Australia), so it’s not like 2011 consisted of lounging around on a chaise longue whipping buff men when they draped grapes into my mouth too slowly.  I had, however, only run a handful of times thanks to injuries and operations, so no wonder I’ve had so many niggles!


139 miles in a month seems like an awful lot, and that was with a week out because I had pulled a muscle in my neck!  Also, what this doesn’t show you is that I also did 7 spin classes, 6 Body Pump classes, 5 yoga-esque classes, 2 abs classes and a Body Combat class.  No wonder I’m tired!

But the real kick in the teeth is this number, according to my laminated training plan, is only set to get worse during the month of August, which shall henceforth be referred to as Augross, or possibly Arrrggghhgust, or maybe even just ‘Shit month, 2012’.

Still, let’s not forget why I’m doing this.

Yes, I have colour-coordinated.

9 thoughts on “Hasta la vista, July.

  1. Love it!! That mileage looks gross and I admittedly used to be a 20-30 mile a week gal and now hang around 15 on a good week. You are an animal. And you will make this marathon your bitch.

    • Ha ha, totally. Thankfully this is my ‘cut-back’ week, so ‘only’ 30 miles or so… Can’t tear myself away from the women’s cycling time trials to get out for my 6 today though….

  2. The saying is only about half true. After I finished my first marathon, I was definitely a ragged heap of exhaustion. My legs were killing me, cramps were surfacing once every five minutes and my face went numb a few times. However, I was definitely amped and knew that I’d be back at the distance.

    It was the training that gave me pause. I remember thinking, I’d do this again, but only once a year. The long runs really take it out of you.

    But that was then, and now I’m full-tilt eat-your-own-hair crazy about the distance. It’s still tough as nails and those long runs at 4 AM aren’t easy to hammer out, but it is definitely worth it for the moment you cross the finish line. As silly as it sounds, it really does make all those miles worth it.

    Power through Flog-ust.

    • Ha ha, thanks. Flog-ust it is! Having my face go numb would freak me out completely, but I guess hearing about all the wonderful levels of pain will help me freak out less when I’m done with this.
      You also have the benefit of the experience lasting significantly less time than I expect it to take me. 😉
      On that note, I’m out for a run. It’ll be quick because the men’s cycling time trials have just started and I want to catch the end!

  3. Holy shit woman! 138! AND all those classes? You will own this marathon.

    I like that the Penis Medal is right there in the middle, for the world to see.

    • Ha ha, they’re all in rainbow order, so it’s just the way it’s working out. It’s a beast though, so no matter where it was, it’d get seen. 🙂

  4. yea, I’m doing nyc in Nov and then I hope to never hear the call to marathon again…but I’ve noticed that I’m mildly addicted to the calorie efficiency of the burn vs my other cardio’s at this point 😦 So I may have to keep running. I’m thinking of trying tri’s after marathon (shorter ones)…

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