Sore bits and good support.

It’s no great surprise that parts of my body are suffering with marathon training.  Some of you may remember one or two photos of my feet I uploaded (I am still unapologetic), and blisters are no longer a real shock to me.  I know men suffer with bleeding nipples, and I am glad to be a woman, because chicks (one would hope) wear sports bras when they run, which prevents chaffing.

At least nipple chaffing.  Part of the problem with having sizeable (even after a reduction) chest pillows is that they are more difficult to keep locked down.  For as long as I can remember, I have doubled (and sometimes tripled) up on bras to avoid painful bounce.  Even after my reduction I am a DD cup, and although I have noticed enormous benefits to having a smaller chest, they’re still big enough to need some serious support.  I have forever relied on Shock Absorber bras as my main man for such a task, and although they’re great, wearing one, and sweating in one, and moving in one for hours a week causes some unique problems.  Witness:

This is an improvement.

While the photo above doesn’t look too bad, it is a VAST improvement to the raw, seeping mess my underboob area looked like a week and a half ago.  Take a moment to imagine the searing pain (and hissed swearing) that occurred in the shower recently.

I haven’t backed down on training – the past two weeks have been my highest ever mileage weeks, back to back.  What I have done is switched to a different sports bra for my longer activities to minimize painful rubbing on this weirdly vulnerable area.  It’s still a Shock Absorber, but it’s their specialist running bra.  I can say that this bra has saved my skin recently.  But more than that, it has the power to hold my chesty junk in its trunk.  Seriously, my mammary meat is firmly strapped down, and it is as though I had an extra pair of hands holding me in place.  I cannot sing this bra’s praises any more.

Oh wait, yes I can.  It comes in the standard black/white colour choices, but also some jazzier colours.  The most recent one I’ve bought is this beauty:

I can get into this contraption solo, but it is helpful to have a drowsy boyfriend to clip you in on early Sunday mornings, I will admit.  This particular colour combination is the one I have linked to above, but unfortunately I do not have an Olympic women’s beach volleyball player’s figure that fills me with enough confidence to go for a jog wearing it sans t-shirt.  But I know I’m wearing a nice bra.

The quest continues, however, for socks that prevent all blisters, end up dry at the end of a run, and massage your feet throughout your workout….

14 thoughts on “Sore bits and good support.

  1. Woof. Running is a bitch. It is amazing what we put our bodies through. I have baby boobs, well a C but they are by no means an issue running, I buy whatever bra I want and they never bitch. Now my thighs… The humidity in DC has been unreal and I have what now look like stretch marks on my inner thighs from chaffing, WTFFFF. I thought running was supposed to make me look gooooood. So while you rock your sick new sports bra you can find my galloping around in mid thigh shorts and wimpy bras. Cheers!

    • Ha ha, having been ‘heavier’ in my younger days, my thighs are forever enveloped in lycra capris – no matter how much I want to wear running shorts, it is NEVER going to happen. So at least enjoy that much when you’re faced with inner thigh chaffing! 🙂

      • I relish in the sun. I also tan at the sight of sunshine so when I do run around in my mid thigh shorts I get the sickest tan lines. I have just been a biking monster this week though and totally shitting the bed with this whole running bit. Meh, I may have a tough mudder to run in a month but I am not too concerned any more! Oh BTW, sick rack.

      • I found Tough Mudder was more about teamwork than running. I’m sure any kind of endurance work would benefit.

  2. Ouch. That chaffing is no joke.

    Aaron has to clip me into my ta-ta tamer from lululemon! I’ve tried, but no matter what I can’t get myself into it. I’ll have to check the Shock Absorber out! I’m not quite a DD, but I’m definitely not an A either, and it seems like most running gear assumes that female runners are flat chested.

  3. I could not live without my Moving Comfort Maia sports bras. They keep the girls firmly planted where they should with absolutely no chaffing. Plus the design miraculously allows for my iPod to sit snuggly and unsweatily on one side so I don’t have to mess with a belt. I’m weird like that. It took an arsenal of body glide and color bras to finally find the ONE that doesn’t chafe AND keeps the girls in check. I want no movement of these D’s baby.

    For socks, I really dig on Thorlo’s Experias. I have yet to blister with them no matter what I do (and that includes the days I’ve run with wet feet). Plus, I love all the fabulous colors they come in. I have only had a couple minor hot spots wearing them, but my shoes were REALLY BAD (I’ve since chucked them because though they should be identical to their five mates, they sucked in a big way).

    • I’ll keep them in mind when I go sock shopping next week. And I’ll have to have a look at the Maia sports bras as well, – I’ve never heard of them before!

  4. The Shock Absorber ‘Run’ saved my marathon-training life! They’re the best! I still got really bad chafing on my back which took a few weeks to heal after the marathon, but, no pain, no gain!
    I used the X-Socks Speed One ladies (can get them here:
    No blisters, comfy feet, cool in summer, warm in winter – highly recommended.
    Good luck with the training xx

    • I’ll have to check them out. I’ve always just picked up whatever socks were in the shop because I kind of see them as a ‘less significant’ piece of clothing, but I’m going to have to start shopping around for a couple of decent pairs with some toe padding!

      I haven’t experienced any back chaffing from the bra… yet. Hopefully that isn’t something that I’ll have to deal with! 🙂

  5. I bought a new sports bra in May and used it at the San Diego race at the beginning of June. The chafing wouldn’t go away for 4 weeks. Should have applied more body glide. 🙂

  6. I have yet to purchase a sports bra, but I once spent a few miles of a training run listening to a group of woman have the exact same conversation as occurred in these comments.

    • Oh, and male nipple chafing is a painful experience. Seeing a guy running in a white shirt streaked with areola sized blood stains is equally painful.

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