Tough Mudder Injuries

I’m still waiting on the official photos from Saturday’s Tough Mudder before posting about it, so in the meantime, here are some photos of the various injuries Ian and I sustained during the 12 mile assault course!  I want to say ‘Enjoy’, but I’m really not sure that’s the right word.  Also, I am friends with my razor, so just assume any overly hairy body part belong to Ian:

EDIT:  And some of Grant’s injuries, minus an apparently unpublishable ‘killer bruise’ that is located ‘too close to [his] balls for public viewing’, courtesy of straddling the Berlin Walls:

3 thoughts on “Tough Mudder Injuries

    • Let’s hope so! To be honest I didn’t notice I was getting so battered, I’m amazed at all the blue/purple/green patches that have sprung up on my limbs!

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