Caerlaverock Castle

The Friday before Tough Mudder Ian and I drove down to our campsite from Aberdeen.  We were the first to arrive and we set up our tent as well as Grant’s, who had given his to us the day before.  We heard the campsite was pretty booked up, so we wanted to make sure we all got a spot together.  Here is Ian with our tent on the left, and Grant’s tent on the right:

Ian has since complained that this picture is not very good because our tent isn’t “fully erect” (The guide ropes haven’t been pegged into the ground).

Our friend Liell was en route from Arbroath, and although he was booked into a luxury B&B, he was coming to meet us at the camp site so we could do something with the rest of the afternoon.  We had planned on maybe visiting the Falkirk Wheel on the way down, but we were concerned that we would get crappy spots for camping, so thought we’d find something closer to do after we were pitched.  This turned out to be completely unnecessary as there was plenty of room.

Anyway, Liell arrived, and we dicked about with some face paint ideas while Ian hammered in the tent pegs, and then we set off for Caerlaverock Castle, near the border and a few miles South of Dumfries, where Liell’s B&B was.  It was getting late and after finally locking on to some 3G, we realized that the castle was closing to visitors at 5:30.  If we floored it, we’d have 45 minutes of looking around.

We arrived at 4:46pm, paid our entry, and got exploring.  The castle was in pretty good shape for a ruin, and had a proper moat surrounding it.

The castle was first built in the 13th Century, and underwent several demolitions and reconstructions until is was abandoned in the 17th Century.  Although it would have had a drawbridge, a modern wooden bridge allows visitors to get inside the castle today.

Liell checking out the courtyard

Ian is picture perfect

Self shot in the kitchen

View from the courtyard

Ian and Liell investigating the moat


Thistle around the moat

Before the walk around, I bought a souvenir fridge magnet from the gift shop (as it has become a castle visiting tradition), and I also impulse bought this:

Hamish McDuck

After the castle we went to Liell’s B&B so he could check in.  Turns out they had double booked, so Liell got the owner’s living space, complete with bedroom, bathroom, and living room complete with cable TV.  I think he preferred that to the idea of sleeping in a tent in the rain…

The Tough Mudder Scotland race report is being edited just now, and I’m waiting for the official photos to be uploaded on the TM website so I can make it a visual treat for everyone that reads it.  What I mean is I want to try and find a couple that show just how ridiculously muddy the course was and possibly one of my face after being dunked in ice water (not going to be pretty).

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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