Aberdeen Summer

Last summer there were 2 days out of 6 weeks on which it didn’t rain long enough for me to enjoy the outdoors.  Last summer was crap.  I make no secret of the fact that I pretty much hate the weather in Scotland, and this summer (so far) is shaping up to be another massive disappointment. I have had nearly an entire week off work, and apart from a freak burst of sunshine today, the views from my apartment windows have been as such:

Pass me the sunscreen!

Blinding sun!

For the record, the above photographs were taken on different days.  The fog has been pretty constant.

The positive?  There has been minimal rain, and the cloud cover means that it never gets too warm.  Although it does feel very muggy and humid during a run.  After one of my midweek runs at a pace that would normally yeild little sweat, I returned home to find I looked like this:

NB: My hair was dry (and straight) when I left the flat.

Despite the sweatfest, I am pleased that I have been keeping up with my marathon training plan since the Fraserburgh 10K, despite still having shin splints that irritate me.  I’ve just been taking things a bit more slowly than I’d like, but a mile’s a mile, right?  Part of the reason why I think I’ve been sticking to my schedule is that it’s the first thing I see when I get up in the morning, and head for my wake-up nature call:

It’s even laminated.

The sense of guilt I would feel if I couldn’t tick another day off the list would be too much for my slightly OTT organization needs.

Today was also a treat because Danielle came up to Aberdeen for a few hours to help me make chili and sourdough blueberry muffins, with her own starter that she has been taking care of.  I don’t think she was quite prepared for the size of my kitchen (miniscule).  The recipe for the chili is HERE, and it is totally delicious.  It was my friend Grant’s birthday today, and he came round after work to enjoy the results of an afternoon of cooking.  Both he and Ian gave the chili a hearty thumbs up (they cleared their plates), and Grant even snuck off with an extra muffin – the biggest of the batch!  I’ll have to take Danielle up on her offer of joining her for a hilly run to make up for devouring these by the end of the weekend!


Anyway, no race this weekend (what!?!), and Grant’s birthday drinks on Saturday night.  It has been ages since I’ve been out on the town, so I have a feeling Sunday’s long run isn’t going to be the most pleasurable of experiences.

Happy Birthday Grant!