More Ultra Flattering Running Photos

As if I needed to even say it, but the title of this post is laced with sarcasm, because I look like ass in these photos.  But there was a totally buff chick running the Fraserburgh 10k on Sunday, and she too looks like ass in her running photos (not included), so I have hope that I may actually be classed as ‘attractive’ in some circles.  Behold!

Fraserburgh 10k photos: Graeme Clark

Ythan Challenge Photos: source

Fraserburgh 10k. I’m 215, and Grant is behind Mister 130.

Attempting, and failing, a photogenic ‘wave’.  Please note the weird bulge on my right (your left) tit is actually my mp3 player, not a strange growth.

Running up that hill…. no problems.

failed wave #2


Also for your viewing plesure, a few photos from the Ythan Challenge on the 17th of June.  First up, a shot of me conquering the rope netting and making it my bitch.  Seriously, I had to wait in line for ages waiting for people to pathetically scramble over this thing, even going two at a time.  I felt I was particularly skilled at maneuvering over this particular obstacle.

I’m the chick on the right, showing the rope who’s boss and getting all the admiration from the crowds.

And at the end, I obviously had to show the woman ahead of me who the real champion was, by sprinting past her like an enraged hippo.  Here she is congratulating me while I attempt not to puke from the exertion.

Glad not to be experiencing a heart attack.

And one final photo.  Kynon handing me water as I’m sure I gasped something about needing something to wash down ibuprofin with because my shin was dying.

Almost drugged.

Anyway, my shins are still pretty sore during any real exertion, so I’m obviously stoked about the Stonehaven Half Marathon this Sunday.  I think I’m going to treat it as a long run, as I’m scheduled for 13 on that day anyway, and I’m going to unburden myself with the pressure of racing for time by trying to stick to my ‘marathon pace’, which is anywhere between 9:15/mile and 9:30/mile (I’m guessing).  The medal at the end will just be an added bonus for finishing a very social training run.  And the beer will just be me celebrating the fact that I have 7 weeks off work for the summer holidays!

Yeehaw, bitches!

9 thoughts on “More Ultra Flattering Running Photos

  1. In that case, we will see you either at the beginning or the end of the Stoney Half (or possibly somewhere in the middle), and/or in the pub afterwards!

    • Ooooh, pub afterwards sounds good. I haven’t had a drink for weeks! Although I’ll be indulging my love for beer this afternoon after period 6!!! 😉

    • Don’t worry, it’ll likely rain every day. Lat summer I had 6 weeks off and there were 2 days without rain. I was more stressed and angry after the holidays than before. 🙂

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