Fraserburgh 10k (24.6.12)

Gun Time: 52:16

Position: 86/146 (Gender Pos: 18/60)

Medal: No. (But we all received a race memento and goody bag)


I hadn’t planned on doing this race.  At all.  But I knew a few people who had entered (Ronnie and Dawn) and they had both encouraged me to join them for the morning.  Because of my shin splints, however, I didn’t commit, and really, I was kind of glad I had a race free weekend as they seem to be few and far between at the moment.  However, after my ‘test’ run on the treadmill on Friday, I was convinced that I could manage a 10k in a reasonable time if I stuck to my half marathon pace, and the lure of a possible medal for a measly 6 miles was playing with my rational thinking.  And then, pissing about on Facebook last night, I see this:

So decisive…

An hour later, I had caved:

Even after witnessing the forecast:

Rain. Heavy rain.

Later in the day, my friend Grant came over to watch Apocalypto (which I thoroughly enjoyed, and didn’t even notice that it was nearly 2 hours long).  I mentioned the possibility of the 10K, with perhaps more than a hint of a persuasive tone, and by the time he had left, we had agreed to just go ahead and do it.  I braced myself for an 8:30 pick-up.  And rain.

Getting into the car, I could sense Grant’s enthusiasm.  He was clearly just joking around when he looked over and greeted me good morning by uttering, ‘I hate you.’  Just looking at him, I could sense he was majorly pumped for the morning’s adventure!

Can’t you see it?!  Anyway, I could kind of see why he was perhaps a bit put off:

The forecast was accurate.

We arrived in Fraserburgh, given the title in 1998 of being the heroin capital of Scotland, with ample time.  We registered and collected our safety pins and bibs, and then decided to take a driving tour of the town.  Five minutes later, we decided to grab some fuel from the giant Tesco that was on the way in.  We treated ourselves to a salted pretzel each.  Bad idea, it turns out.

At 10:30, we headed back to the sports center, where there were more runners gathering together, trying to ignore the rain.  We found Dawn, and then Ronnie (and his mum), who we chatted with until we got called up to the ‘start line’.  After a countdown, we were off!  Starting at a sub 8 minute mile was unwise, and almost immediately I felt a burning in my chest (good morning heart burn) and was overwhelmed by the taste of salt, which was to remain with me for the duration of the race.  Lovely.

Two kilometers in, I had settled into a more reasonable pace, but the rain had become so strong I was forced to abandon my mp3 player.  This turned out to be OK, as Grant was only just behind me, so we both settled into what we called a Tough Mudder team building run.  This involved complaining about the rain, and chatting:

I’m being partially blocked out by the guy in orange, Grant is next to me in white. Photo: Fiona Paterson

We ran through a few residential streets, before turning onto one of the main roads.  We then turned onto what seemed to be a long private driveway, at the end of which was the water station.  After this, all we had to do was go back the way we came!

Our camaraderie lasted until approximately 250 meters from the finish, when Grant remarked, ‘I guess it’s just down to the two of us,’ sparking an irrational competitive rage within me.

Sprint finish.  Photo: Fiona Paterson

And then it was over, and the rain kind of stopped, which is typical.  We waited for Dawn to come in, and then we all headed our separate ways. But not before some post race photos by/in the car.  Here I am trying to take out the memento to pose with, while Grant took some ‘candid’ photos, which he felt were necessary:

As you can see, Grant is just as thrilled about having run a 10k as he was merely anticipating it:


I tried to lighten the mood to avoid being left for dead at the side of the road somewhere between Fraserburgh and Aberdeen:


Something tells me, however, that he didn’t appreciate my rendition of ‘Never Ever’ by All Saints on the way back….

5 thoughts on “Fraserburgh 10k (24.6.12)

  1. Grant’s face makes me laugh. And yeah, that rain just looks miserable to run in. Aaron walked by the computer and said, “where is that? That looks miserable.” But great time regardless!

    And I think my subscriptions are messed up, so I tried unfollowing and following again to see if that fixed the problem.

    • No problemo – Since nearly the start of my ‘blogging’, I decided to follow everyone on Google reader (it means I can sometimes read blogs at work – shhh!), so I’m sure there are a few disgruntled followers out there thinking ‘Who does this chick think she is? Not following back – psshhhh.’
      But yeah, Fraserburgh was miserable. And because I was unaware of the,, I missed the cakes after the run. Sick.

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