‘Daily Mail Reporter’ is a lazy journalist.

I got home after the Perth Kilt Run to find I had two pending comments on my blog.  One from a fellow runner saying nice things about what I write, the other from somebody telling me my blog was ‘sadly’ on Serbian news.  I had pretty much dismissed the comment as spam until I clicked through to check my stats for the day.  I was confronted with this:


To put things into perspective, in the nearly 6 months in which I have been writing this blog, my busiest day barely had 200 hits, and that was mainly people looking for results and photos for the Balmoral 10k earlier this year.  I guess the random commenter was right!

This led to an investigation with my trusty friend Detective Google.  While I found the website (in Croatian) that linked to my blog, and got the gist of what was being said thanks to various online translation bots (it was about the unfortunate design of the emf finishers’ medal), that was not the weirdest moment of the evening.  For during my online searching, I came across an article on the Daily Mail website.  It appears they have used several quotes from my post in their article:

So while I’m glad ‘Daily Mail Reporter’ found my article amusing/useful, I am also kind of annoyed that all they had to do was cruise Twitter and liase with Detective Google to mash together an article.  For a paycheck.

Considering I did the legwork (literally and figuratively) for my original post, I feel a bit cheated.  Since what I wrote comprises nearly 20% of the Daily Mail article, I am surely entitled to nearly 20% of Daily Mail Reporter’s paycheck.  Am I right?

Oh, and because I could help looking at the comments, here is the utterly charming ‘highest rated’ comment from the article:

No problemo, classy commenter.  Knock yourself out:

Shlong medal and Rachel’s rack.

PS: To any magazines, newspapers, etc. out there, if you’re looking for a columnist, I’m cheap.

21 thoughts on “‘Daily Mail Reporter’ is a lazy journalist.

    • I know, I have advised my parents that only 100% pure Egyptian cotton sheets (white, obviously) will do when I visit in October. No idea why my mum laughed when I mentioned they would need to beef up security at the house to avoid being shot by the Houston paparazzi!

  1. My goodness! It was in the Metro on Friday – I took a picture of it (thinking of your post) on my instagram (Tinyholder). That is so cheeky though. Why didn’t they just email you for a few quotes?

  2. I really do love your medal rack, that is amazing. I want one!

    As for the daily mail, well we all know they are crap….but that really does take the biscuit

    • Ha ha, thanks. All it took was a nice long walk along a (freezing) beach and dragging a piece of soggy driftwood back to the car – rack sorted!

    • Thanks! And hopefully, though I think I’m happy for it to die down! I wouldn’t want any of the kids I teach mulling over my thoughts of vagina chaffing and such. I guess I should have given that more consideration before over-sharing though.

      By the way, I’m hoping to get my first US state half marathon in October. Watch your back, I’m catching up!

      • No way! Glad to see your medal promiscuity is making its way stateside. I look forward to that recap and hope that we don’t give you a phallic finisher’s keepsake.

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