Extremely Photogenic Guy, Hand Over Your Crown!

I got the dreaded e-mail informing me that my half marathon photos are up from Sunday, but avoided looking at them until now.  I knew they were going to be bad.  Not only did I have my arms out (not good), but the tights I had on were a thinner material than I normally run with because of the heat (translation: they do not suck everything in to where I want it to stay).  Understand that the photos I have chosen to grace your eyeballs with are the most flattering of the lot.  Then count yourselves lucky that I didn’t post the belly-laugh-inducing hot-mess photos in which I can only compare myself realistically to a stroke victim.  You are welcome.

At the very least I look like I’m actually running in this shot.

I like this one in particular because half of me is not in the photo.

Around the 10k mark, hence the ‘fresh’ appearance….

And so the quest continues for a non-shitty race photo.  Good thing I’m signed up to a gazillion races this year*.


*A slight exaggeration.

4 thoughts on “Extremely Photogenic Guy, Hand Over Your Crown!

  1. But you ALWAYS looks bloody fast. I look as though I’m strolling along the promenade on a Sunday afternoon in my race photos. 🙂 I’m wondering if it would be easier to find the holy grail than get a decent race photo! lol

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