EMF Edinburgh Half Marathon 2012

Chip time: 1:53:28  PB!

Position: 2,055/?

Medal: Yes

This thing weighs a ton!

It had completely slipped my mind how early this race started (8 am), and what implications that had on the time I could sleep in until (before 6 am).  After a Saturday of lazing in the very un-Scottish heat and sunshine, complete with ice-cream, barbeque, and frisbee, I was ready for a loooooong sleep.  When my (super irritating) phone alarm went off at 5:32 (I don’t like rounded times for an alarm), a happy camper I was not.

Still full of the cold, I went through to the bathroom and blew what felt to be roughly 17 kilos of snot from my head into about half a roll of toilet paper.  I then ventured into the kitchen to make my porridge, which I enjoyed with a vanilla Power Bar and some Gatorade.  Glancing out of the window, I remember thinking I had never been happier to see clouds!

At about 6:15, I set off for the start, which was about a mile and a half from where I was staying – a perfect warm-up walk.  It was actually a bit chilly, and I hoped the cool air would hang around.

London Road, Edinburgh. 6:30 am. Blissfully cool.

Enjoying the less-than-scorching, but sadly, short-lived breeze.

After dumping my bag and taking part in the toilet queue waiting game, twice (in a very timely fashion to the supremely efficient toilet ushers), I headed to the start, and to the ‘black’ pen, full of finishers hoping to clock in at about 2 hours.  After a few minutes chatting to a fellow American, the crowd starting creeping forwards, and the race started pretty much bang on time.

I had decided to try to run the first mile or two without music, after reading on other blogs that the motivation of music only lasts for so long.  I was counting on the initial excitement to carry me through the start, and it did – and then some!  There was a real sense of camaraderie amongst the runners, and since there were so many of us, the route never really cleared out, so we were all pretty cozy, especially after the sun (and pounding heat) broke through the cloud and opened into bright blue skies.  It was also nice to hear the supporters along the way.  And to eavesdrop on people’s conversations that had decided to run together.

In fact, I didn’t really mind not having music in the first half, and didn’t pull my mp3 player out from between my two bras (very handy storage area), until after 8 miles!  After that, the heat was really starting to weigh people down, and I felt I could use the extra boost.  Thanks go out to Elton John (I’m Still Standing), Adam and the Ants (Stand and Deliver), David Bowie (Golden Years), Right Said Fred (I’m Too Sexy), and Brittany Murphy singing ‘Faster Kill Pussycat’.

At around 10 miles, the ‘elite’ runners passed us on the other side of the road, and the hot tarmac seemed to go on forever before it was our turn to turn around.  It was good as I managed to spot someone I knew that was running, and we did that retarded ‘smile-like-a-goon-and-wave-fanatically’ thing.  It was also a pretty good feeling when the turn eventually happened, somewhere after mile 11.  To the person who decided to hook up their hose to a shower feature and attach it to a ladder just after mile 12: you are my hero.  Nothing in my immediate past has felt as good as running through that cool mist felt.  Thank you.

As the mile 13 marker came into sight, I know I was sporting a full-beam grin because it was nearly over.  I dread to look at the photos – in fact I might just avoid it.  When the finish line came into view, I think I overdosed on joy.  I didn’t beast out a sprint like I would normally do because we were running on plastic sheets, and I didn’t really feel like my shoes were getting decent grip, but I kept it fast and steady until I crossed the line, REMEMBERING TO STOP MY GARMIN (!!!!), and immediately felt like puking, which thankfully, I did not.

I got the medal, the water, the goody bag, and my breath back, and then wandered into the battlefield of spent, hot, but elated runners.  It wasn’t long before I ran into Allan (the waving runner), and we took some obligatory finishers photos before starting the trek (seriously, it was like a 25 minute walk in steaming heat) to the shuttle bus back to Edinburgh.

At least 99.9% sexually enticing.

Solo pose

It didn’t take us very long to establish that the finishers medal was:

  1. Really, really heavy; and
  2. Shaped like a penis

The 14 year old boy trapped inside me laughs at this.

All in all, a well-organized race.  I had a great time, scored a PB, and received my first cock-shaped medal.  Not bad for a Sunday morning!

24 thoughts on “EMF Edinburgh Half Marathon 2012

  1. That is a cracking time, well done! I am so desperate to start getting times down. This Saturday I am off to park run – I am determined to get as near to 25 mins as I can! 🙂

      • My friend did the Brighton half in 1.41. She looks like a full on olympic athlete – she has zero body fat and a 6 pack etc. I don’t think my body will allow me to be like that! You are super fast – you should be proud. 🙂

  2. P.s – do you think they loved that design but when it came back from the medal makers I bet someone went ‘damn! it’s shaped like a cock!’. lol

    • Thanks! My ultimate goal this year is to try to get a half under 1:50, and if the conditions are perfect, I might just manage it. Not the next one I’m doing though. It is essentially just a massive hill…

    • I’m quite tempted to sign up for the full marathon next year, but I’ll wait until October and my umpteenth ‘Sorry you were unsuccessful’ magazine from the London Marathon before committing! You should join me! 🙂

      • We could have a “Sorry, you were unsuccessful” party in October? The best way to tempt fate is to now make plans for the London marathon weekend and then we’ll get in… LOL

  3. Lol, am enjoying your blog very much. Found it searching for ‘medal rack’, well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it 🙂 Keep up the running especially parkrun, you’ll be surprised how much it helps your half marathon times, and please consider joining a running club. It’s much more fun when you do and they’re not all snobby elites. Cheers Alister

    • I believe you! 😉

      I was considering a running club, but I’d need to commit to sacrificing some classes at my gym! There’s a local hill running club I like the look of, and I’m planning on upping my parkruns too, but only on weekends I’m not racing! The next free Saturday I have I’m volunteering instead of running. I’m a bit ashamed that more people don’t!

  4. You weren’t kidding about that medal. And plastic sheets on the ground at the finish line??? Are they trying to get sued? CONGRATULATIONS on your awesome race! Your penis medal is well deserved!

  5. That metal would be a million times cooler if it was a bottle opener, I thought thats where you were going before you said it looked like a penis. I mean a penis metal is still pretty cool though. Great time lady!

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