Baker Hughes 10k 2012

Gun Time: 52:56

Chip Time:  51:08

*EDIT (21/5/12): Chip time updated to 50:52

If you were unhappy w/ your chip time, check again – it’s likely to have been updated!

Position: 1111/3774

Medal: Yes

Medal, obviously

My opinion is that parts of this race were a bit of a shambles from the word go.  For those new to the blog, the original race bibs had to be replaced because there was a spelling error on them.  They said ‘Abeerdeen’ instead of ‘Aberdeen’.  Misspelling your own name…. That takes some skill.

In addition to this, and likely because of this, many race packs were arriving very late, and some of them were incomplete (my friend was missing his race shirt, a somewhat obvious thing to miss out of an otherwise non-bulky packet).

But the thing that I have an actual problem with are the chip times.  Not once have I had a chip time SLOWER than my watch time.  I always start timing from just before the start until I have definitely crossed the finish line (I usually forgot the stop the thing).  This is good, because it means I am never disappointed.  Today, after sprinting like a beast over the finish line, I forgot to stop my Garmin.  When I eventually did hit ‘stop’, the time displayed was 51:01.  This meant I was safely under 51 minutes for my chip time.  So imagine my confusion when I checked the results page to read my chip time as 51:08!

After some careful investigation (joining in twitter/Facebook rants about time), I came to the conclusion that there were a lot (and I mean A LOT) of people who had chip times that were 10-15 seconds or more off their Garmin times.  So it wasn’t just me, which was a relief, but something had obviously not worked correctly, which was really annoying.

Anyway, I’m counting my Garmin time of 50:53, which, although is nowhere near my PB, is still the fastest 10k this year, and since I have become able to run again after nearly 2 years off, so I’m happy that things are progressing.

Notice the time at the end before my speed drops off (ie: I cross the line and slow down, trying not to barf)

I’m especially happy with my time as I spent the majority of yesterday shivering with cold sweats, mopping snot off my face and sleeping on the couch.  I felt equally gross this morning, but could not skip out on an event that was a mile’s walk from my flat (and a bit).  There was coughing.  There was spluttering.  There was shortness of breath.  There was feeling like I could happily lay on the road and cry, as long as it meant not running.  And then there was my body’s ‘fuck you for making me do this’, also known as ‘being curled up in bed, in pain, on a beautiful, sunny Sunday afternoon.  I am already starting to feel some of these after effects in my post-run photo:

The alka-seltzer breakfast had worn off.

At least my friend Grant was in a fitter state to run a 10k today, and managed a new PB!  It’s just a shame that it might actually be 10-15 seconds faster than he currently thinks it is:

Posing like it’s going out of fashion

This is the fourth time I’ve done the Baker Hughes, the first time being in 2008, and this is the only time I’ve ever experienced anything negative.  Hopefully the results can be sorted out, especially for those out there that PB’d and fancy an accurate recording of their time, otherwise I’m sticking with my Garmin time, thank you very much!

3 thoughts on “Baker Hughes 10k 2012

  1. That is odd about the time difference. Though, sometimes for races I’ll go back a few days later and find a completely different time listed on the results (and then I look like a liar). But good job! Hope you feel better soon!

    • Well the results disappeared for a while, but they’re back up and pretty much unchanged. Bit of a shame as it was a lovely day out (for those not suffering from sickness)!

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