Of course my calf hurts.

So, two race weekends in a row are coming up, and ever since that last parkrun, my calf has been hurting.  I did 2 miles on the treadmill on Monday, and it was sore. It was meant to be 4, so I’m guessing that if I’m going to be running this weekend, I wont be running this week.  And if I’m going to be running NEXT weekend, at the Edinburgh half, I’m going to be taking it a bit easy on Sunday at the 10k.


At least it doesn’t seem to hurt when I’m doing other exercise, so that’s alright.

Speaking of the Baker Hughes 10k, although I got my race pack on Saturday, I have friends who are taking part that STILL haven’t received theirs, though an e-mail went out saying they should be there by Thursday at the latest.  So anyone out there still waiting, you have another day to wait before complaint e-mails!  Apparently there was an extra ‘e’ in Aberdeen or something – I’d quite like to see a photo of one of the blooper bibs though.

In other news, my ridiculously shit, less-than-a-year-old boiler decided to up and quit working, again, yesterday.  It’s great how it always waits until a dip in the temperature to give up on me.  Plumbers are upstairs beavering away as I type.

And off to work I go!

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